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4 Tips to Improve Customer Service when Installing Alarm Systems

Customer service is the foundation of any business. When you are installing an alarm system for your customers, it is imperative to provide the high level of service they expect. An alarm installation company works with a variety of customers and they have different concerns regarding their safety. By taking measures to improve your customer [...]

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What Can DIY’ers Learn From Professional Alarm Installers?

Alarm systems are becoming more popular than ever before, partly due to the advent of wireless systems which can be installed by Do-It-Yourself-ers. There are, however, a number of pitfalls to clients installing their own systems. Improper installation can both keep the system from functioning properly as well as release the alarm company from responsibility [...]

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How Is Wireless Security Changing the Alarm Installation Industry?

Wireless security is a new advancement that, like all advancements, brings with it a mixed bag of good and bad for the security industry - particularly for alarm installers. Here is a list of 5 changes wireless security is making within the industry and both the positive and negative aspects that they bring for installers. [...]

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Is Wireless Home Security Reliable?

A great debate has long raged over the legitimate safety and security of wireless security systems. Because wireless systems rely on digital forms of communication rather than hard lines, it can seem as if this would make them faulty and unreliable. In reality, however, thanks to recent advancements in technology, wireless systems are actually safer [...]

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5 Modern Burglar Techniques to Watch

The most recent Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) burglary statistics highlight an alarming new trend. While the overall volume of property crimes has slightly decreased over the past year, the number of violent crimes is on the rise. What this means is that when a burglary attempts forced entry to a home or business, it [...]

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Visible Home Security: The Best Deterrent

Conversations with convicted burglars offer a wealth of information to homeowners who seek to protect their property from a criminal invasion. Using these insights, homeowners can identify how their house presents a target to this shifty group of criminals. What makes them "shifty"? Research indicates that burglars are both unpredictable and opportunistic. Most home burglars [...]

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Best 5 Alarm Apps for Home Security

Mobile apps represent the latest technological advancement in home security systems and until this innovation, most people set their alarms and hoped for the best. Today, you can arm and disarm your home security system using your phone. Although the mobile technology is always changing, most of the currently available apps are compatible with iPhones, [...]

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Home Automation: Secure or Skynet?

Visions of a fully automated home on screen have ranged from the push-button functionality on "The Jetsons," the current commercials starring Alec Baldwin for Amazon Echo or the more terrifying self-aware Skynet defense system in "Terminator 2." While the first two are enticing, the latter and all the headlines about data breaches are an impediment [...]

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Tips for Starting and Growing Your Alarm Installation Company

Are you trying to start your own alarm installation company? Starting a business not only requires dedication and total commitment, it takes industry knowledge and skills. With acts of domestic and global terror committed on an all too frequent basis, today’s world can be a chaotic and perilous place. Now more than ever, people are [...]

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Can You Trust Your Home Security to Cloud Technology?

With so much hype surrounding cloud technology, you may find it hard to separate fact from fiction. Is cloud computing the next big thing? Or has cloud become more of a marketing pitch, repackaging old technology as the next evolution of the Internet? The bottom-line truth is: The technology that underpins the "cloud" has been [...]

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