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Our expertise is as real as your own

Liability Insurance for PI Firms & Private Investigator Professionals

El Dorado Insurance Agency specializes in providing customized Private Investigator liability insurance packages tailored to your specific needs. 

Protect Your Employees & Your Business

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As a Private Investigator, You Cannot Afford to Operate Without Insurance

In today’s often uncertain and dangerous world, insurance is one of the few protections you can still count on. But as a Private Investigator, you want to guarantee your insurer has detailed knowledge of the risks you face daily. In particular, you need your insurer to support you in walking that delicate line between obtaining the information your client needs without violating individual privacy. Not every insurer can manage this feat!

The Security and Private Investigation industry carry with it an ever-increasing risk of litigation. With heightened focus on issues of civil liberties, privacy and profiling, the threat of legal action is quite simply a daily on-the-job hazard.

In this tense and turbulent time, you want an insurance partner that takes care of business when it comes to building insurance products tailored to protecting your job and your safety. For this reason, our suite of insurance products spans the gamut from general liability errors and omissions, workers compensation, property, auto/fleet and personal liability lines of coverage, plus customized insurance products to meet individual liability needs.

If you ever do need to file a claim, we will walk with you each step of the way, managing your claim from first filing all the way through to a final resolution.

Additional Coverages for Private Investigation Businesses

Private Investigators need to be protected by the right type of insurance coverage. The staff at El Dorado Insurance Agency knows PI’s and can provide you with exactly the coverage that you need.

Why Choose El Dorado for Private Investigator Insurance?

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Our agency first opened its doors in 1968. Since that time, we have worked tirelessly to cultivate firsthand knowledge of the insurance needs of professional Private Investigators.

Full Protection

Our insurance packages are designed to ensure you are able to carry out investigations using the latest methods of background checks, search and surveillance, all the while knowing you are insured and protected.


We maintain a special team of Private Investigator liability insurance professionals to ensure our insurance products are updated proactively to factor in new developments in your field. Each of our insurance products are tailored to YOUR industry.

What Have You Got To Lose?

El Dorado Insurance Agency has over half a century of firsthand expertise in the security and private investigation industry. Currently, we serve clients nationwide, and our client list simply continues to grow.

Our expertise is as real as your own.

Together, we can create a safety net that provides you with total protection from the vulnerability of your profession in today’s litigious society.

Remember, when the attorneys come calling, you want to make one phone call and know you have a team of experts mobilizing to serve you. We are that team. From security company insurance to private investigator insurance, alarm installer insurance to janitorial insurance, fire suppression insurance to personal and property insurance, our nationwide list of clients know they can call on us at any time and for any reason and we will always be there.

Contact us today for your customized insurance package and experience the confidence that comes from doing your job with total peace of mind and protection.

Rely on the Private Investigator Insurance Experts

El Dorado Insurance has a deep understanding of the unique insurance needs of private investigators. We know how easily personnel in these industries can be faced with a dangerous situation at a moment’s notice. Our team is experienced at evaluating all possible service scenarios and customizing insurance coverage to make sure you have the protection you need.

El Dorado Insurance Agency, Inc. is celebrating 50+ years as a reliable leader in the small business insurance industry. Call us today at 800-221-3386 to receive a free quote or visit our Application Center to apply for process server insurance coverage.

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