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How Private Investigators Can Help Clients Protect Intellectual Property

Intellectual property (IP) infringement is growing more and more common: That’s trouble for many new ventures, tech companies, crowdsourced inventions, and more – but it’s also an opportunity for private investigators. PIs with the right experience can help out those investigating intellectual property crimes, opening up a new field with a variety of clients. From [...]

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The Latest Ways Private Investigators are Finding New Clients in 2021

Are you looking for new clients as the second half of 2021 is quickly coming to an end? There are plenty of opportunities with the right strategies! Let’s take a look at popular approaches that are showing real results this year. Joining Local Business Groups (Yes, Even the Chamber of Commerce) Many PIs may be [...]

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The Top Types of Certifications Every PI Should Consider in 2021

Experienced public universities, local training academies, online colleges, and a variety of similar organizations can offer robust training and private investigator certifications. This is an excellent way to add new skills that can generate additional revenue, expand a current skillset to be more applicable to today’s clients, or keep up to date in a rapidly [...]

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Important Tips for PIs Interested in Becoming Process Servers

Private investigators and process servers share a lot of overlap in their duties – locating and tracking people, interviewing, using the latest technology to gather information, and so on. It’s no surprise that many PIs choose to expand their offered services by also offering to serve legal papers. This can be a significant source of [...]

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The Practical Gadgets PIs Should Actually Add to Their Kits

The PI world is inundated with products marketed toward those interested in surveillance and security. Unfortunately, most of them are unnecessary and shouldn’t be cluttering the kits of any professional private investigator. That raises an especially important question for PIs out in the field: What equipment is beneficial for the job or adds important capabilities [...]

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7 Important Surveillance Tips for PIs Watching Remote Workers

One corporate field of investigation has seen especially high growth in 2021 – surveilling at-home workers. With the sudden spike in remote work situations across the majority of industries dealing with COVID-19, companies found themselves wanting a way to make sure that key workers were actually performing their duties…and if they weren’t, actionable evidence that [...]

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The Risks (and Benefits) of Hiring PI Subcontractors

Subcontracting is a potential solution for busy PIs that need help juggling cases. A PI can either hire a subcontractor independently by personally interviewing clients or use a vendor that offers specific PI services from a larger pool of candidates. Either way, this option has its own risks as well as advantages: Here’s what PIs [...]

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Situations Where a Private Investigator Should Always Notify the Local Police

The independence of private investigators from local law enforcement can be an advantage to many clients, especially when it comes to privacy and discretion. However, there are situations where an experienced PI needs to ask, “Should I go to the police with this?” Some of these situations are obvious, and some require a careful balance [...]

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7 Rules Every PI Should Know About the Ban on Pretexting

If you’ve been watching the news or following social media stories the past several years, you have probably noticed a growing number of stories about how people have outed others – often criminals – through dating apps, catfishing, email phishing, and generally misrepresenting themselves online. It’s effective and may look like an attractive option to [...]

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