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Private Investigators and Landlords: How These Two Industries Are Closer Than Ever

A corner of the private investigation market is larger than ever in 2022 – working with landlords and property management. Landlords are more focused on security than ever before, and deeply invested in finding reliable, safe tenants for their properties. That has many of them turning to PIs for help – and in the process, [...]

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PIs and Hacking: The Lines You Can’t Cross

PIs are very familiar with hunting down online information about specific people. That involves a lot of different strategies – from using subscription databases to creating fake social media profiles. Jobs may also involve trying to recover emails, photos, or data from hard drives. But, as always, it’s important to avoid the risk of breaking [...]

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How Crowdsourcing Is (and Isn’t) Changing the Investigations Industry

You’ve probably heard about crowdsourcing when it comes to new business ventures, raising funding for projects, collecting donations for a specific person, or other projects. It’s a basic platforming solution (epitomized by sites like GoFundMe, Indiegogo, and Kickstarter) that brings people together to make many small donations – or activities – to support a larger [...]

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The Best Commercial Opportunities for PIs Heading Into 2022

Long-term commercial jobs remain one of the best ways to establish a full-time private investigation business. These jobs are reliable, tend to be high-paying, and can easily lead to more work or excellent references to use down the line. However, the needs of industries are always shifting, and it’s important to keep track of what [...]

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The 7 Best Online Work Habits of Effective Private Investigators

PIs are spending more time behind the desk, taking advantage of today’s myriad of digital tools for tracking down both people and information. This type of online work can be incredibly efficient and effective, but it also requires the right attitude toward digital research. For those private investigators who want to improve their online skills [...]

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How Private Investigators Can Help Clients Protect Intellectual Property

Intellectual property (IP) infringement is growing more and more common: That’s trouble for many new ventures, tech companies, crowdsourced inventions, and more – but it’s also an opportunity for private investigators. PIs with the right experience can help out those investigating intellectual property crimes, opening up a new field with a variety of clients. From [...]

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