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Security Consultant Insurance for Security Companies & Professionals

You take unique risks each day as a security consultant. It’s important to have an insurance agent that can understand and help support you in your business endeavors.

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Insurance for Security Consultants

El Dorado Insurance Agency provides custom Security Consultant insurance packages designed to meet your specific needs. You take unique risks each day as a security consultant. It’s important to have an insurance agent that can understand and help support you in your business endeavors. Not every insurance agent is cut out for the job!

Litigation is not foreign to the security consultant industry. The possibility of legal action is just one of your common on-the-job hazards. In a world full of lawsuits and allegations, you need an insurance partner who can create an insurance policy that protect your job and your business. This is why El Dorado Insurance offers a wide range of insurance products including general liability including errors and omissions, workers compensation, and commercial auto insurance. We also offer customized insurance policies to help meet your individual liability needs.

Our hope is that you never have the need to file a claim. But if you do need to file a claim, we will take each step with you all along the way. We will manage your claim from the initial filing and carry it for you all the way until the final resolution.

Additional Coverages for Security Consultant Businesses

Investing in the right types of insurance coverage can help protect your business from catastrophic financial loss.

Why Choose El Dorado for Security Consultant Insurance Coverage?

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Knowledgeable Agents

El Dorado has worked with security consultants for decades. Our agents understand the types of insurance needs of security consultants.

A Reputation for Trust

We have worked hard to develop a relationship with major insurers and underwriters. We work with some of the biggest names in the industry and can ensure reputable companies provide the underwriting your security consultant business needs.

Competitive Pricing

We work hard to find you the best possible price on the security consultant insurance you need. You can count on us for competitive pricing options.


Our insurance specialists work closely with you to design policies and insurance packages that work best for you. They are designed to help you continue providing security consultant services to your customers while you rest assured you are insured and protected from liability claims and charges.

We understand the insurance needs of security consultants. But we also understand that each business is unique and has specific needs. Our Security Consultant insurance professionals are dedicated to building a tailor-made policy that fits your needs and industry.

Policies tailored to your needs, with the bottom line in mind.

You’ve got nothing to lose!

El Dorado Insurance Agency has over 50 years of firsthand experience and expertise in the security industry. Our clients represent security consultants from across the nation, and our client base just keeps getting bigger.

You understand security. We understand insurance.

Our insurance professionals work closely with you to develop a safety net that will help protect your consultant company in a society that has become litigious.

Our experience and expertise include a wide selection of businesses in the security sector from security company insurance to private investigator insurance to security consultants. You can rest easy knowing that we are always here for you, and we always have your back.

Contact us today and let us build your custom security consultant insurance policy. You’ll be able to continue serving your clientele knowing you are protected.

You can Count on Our Security Consultant Insurance Experts

At El Dorado Insurance, we have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the insurance needs unique to security consultants. We also understand that at a moment’s notice you can be faced with a dangerous or volatile situation. Our team has you covered by assessing the many possible scenarios you may face and then building an insurance policy that will provide you with the protection you need.

El Dorado Insurance Agency, Inc. is celebrating 50+ years as a reliable leader in the security industry. Call us today at 800-221-3386 to receive a free quote or visit our Application Center to apply for security consultant insurance coverage.

Insurance for Security Consultant Businesses

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