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Fire Safety Contractors Insurance for Businesses & Professionals

In order to protect you and your business as a fire safety specialist, ensure you’re protected by the best insurance coverage available.

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Fire Safety Insurance
Fire Safety Technician checks fire panel in data center

Fires are dangerous, unpredictable and cause cataclysmic damage. In fact every year, fire suppression systems fail to operate properly, leaving lives harmed and homes, businesses and facilities to face unmentionable tragedy. Further still, these cases are almost entirely preventable because in about one-third of the cases, the cause for system malfunction is simply inadequate testing and/or maintenance. A specific example of this occurred in 1992 at a cogeneration plant, where a fire broke lose and killed three of the plant operators. While the plant was equipped with a fire sprinkler and prevention system – the system was off.

Fires are as serious as any kind of threat to humanity, which is why finding exceptional insurance is decidedly challenging. There are so many things that can go wrong when it comes to fires and in order to protect you and your business, full and complete fire suppression insurance is paramount.

We are Fire Safety Insurance Experts

Fortunately, at El Dorado Insurance Agency we offer just the specialized insurance to meet your fire safety business’ needs. It’s time to rely on the experts at El Dorado Insurance Agency if you specialize any of the following:

  • Automatic Fire Sprinkler Contractors
  • Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service Companies
  • Restaurant & Special Suppression System Risks
  • Fire Alarm/Burglar & Security System Installers
  • Fire Equipment Distributors/Fire & Emergency Apparatus Dealers

El Dorado Insurance Agency, Inc. is celebrating 50+ years as a reliable leader in the security and fire safety industry. Call us today at 800-221-3386 to receive a free quote or visit our Application Center to apply for fire safety insurance coverage.

Additional Coverages for Fire Safety Businesses & Professionals

Investing in insurance coverage for your fire safety business is crucial. You will want to select different insurance types to protect your assets if a third party becomes injured or property damage occurs during routine fire sprinkler installation.

Why El Dorado for Fire Safety Insurance?

El Dorado Team Members
Josh Ring, President, Working on Customized Quote
El Dorado Located in Houston, TX


Just like you, we understand the importance of responding quickly in a crisis. We do our very best to ensure the fastest response times when you need us most.


We have over 50 years of experience in the Fire Safety industry and we have worked hard to be a respected industry leader.


You want the people that handle your money and your insurance to be just a little obsessive about it. We make sure every I is dotted and every T is crossed to ensure you get the very best coverage possible and that you are covered when you need it the most.


We know that trust is crucial in every business relationship – but particularly in the insurance industry. We have worked hard to build and establish trusted relationships with all of our clients and hope to do the same with you.


Sometimes, when companies have been around as long as we have, they get jaded and lose the eagerness to serve their clients that newer companies have. We are still every bit as eager to serve our clients as we were when we first opened the doors.


Our Fire Safety Specialists are experts who fully grasp the unique nature of your industry.


We don’t believe in “one size fits all” insurance. We will customize a package specifically to meet your individual company needs.

Over 50 Years of Helping Those That Help Others

Since 1968, El Dorado Insurance Agency, Inc. has been filling the insurance needs of hard-to-insure individuals and businesses.