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Important Tips When Hiring New Security Guards in Today’s Market

Whether you are growing your security firm or replacing previous guards, interviewing and hiring new guards is a common step. It’s also important: Many of the liability issues we discuss in our blog for security firms (or seen in the news) can be avoided with a rigorous hiring process for new guards. Fortunately, more effective [...]

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How Technology Is Helping Security Guards in 2022

From discussing the impact of security robots (which really are a trend) to talking about how apps have replaced walkie-talkies, we’ve discussed plenty of security technology in 2021. Now that 2022 is well underway, we wanted to take time and look ahead to the newest technologies that are helping security guards this year. These advances [...]

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The Top New Locations Hiring Security Guards So Far in 2022

As we’ve covered the security guard industry over the last few years, we’ve noticed several growth patterns – new interest in security guards in retail, healthcare, and apartments, among other places. 2022 also promises to be an interesting year for the growth of security opportunities. Let’s check out the major locations that we expect to [...]

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The Top 7 Liability Issues for Security Guards Heading Into 2022

It’s been – to put it lightly – an interesting couple of years for the security guard industry. As we’ve discussed in some of our other guides, the guard industry has come under increased scrutiny by state bodies. Growing regulations are increasingly likely for the future. At the same time, new demand for guards has [...]

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Pros and Cons of Armed Guards

Should Your Executive Protection Personnel Have Guns? If you're considering arming your executive protection personnel, there are some clear pros and cons to consider. So, you've decided to hire security for yourself or another VIP. That's great! Having a good executive protection plan in place is incredibly important. But there's one other big decision you [...]

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Security Guard Firms Should Prepare for Use-of-Force Training in 2022

We have discussed before how important it is for security firms to train guards on how to properly use force – and when to avoid using it. This is a vital practice to help avoid injuries, mistakes, and associated lawsuits that come with that liability. It’s also become increasingly important as tensions in common areas [...]

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Top Safety Tips for Security Guards During the Holidays

The holidays can be a busy and stressful time for – well, just about everyone. But security guards are in especially high demand due to the growing number of events and the increased possibilities of larceny. During this season, it’s important for security guards to take care of themselves and minimize their own risks. Here [...]

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Security Guards and Cybersecurity: The Skills Today’s Guards Should Have

While security guards may not need to be masters of data security and IT-level experts, they should have basic skills that allow them to help protect your firm’s data, and the data your clients use. Let’s take a look at the most important skills your guards should have. Familiarity with the Technologies that Your Firm [...]

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The Advantages of Switching to Mobile Patrol Apps for Security Guards

Security guards are currently making decisions about whether or not to adopt mobile patrol apps to help coordinate and communicate between patrols, security stations, and the office. Some are sticking with traditional two-way radios for now, while others have fully moved to mobile apps offered on platforms like Security Guard, Guard Center, Novage, GuardMetrics, and [...]

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Is the Apartment Security Guard Industry Right for Your Firm?

The apartment security industry is a particularly lively field right now, and if your firm is interested in expanding your clientele, we suggest looking at local opportunities. While the basics are fairly clear – guarding multi-family dwellings and managing access – there may be several questions about the details and what to expect. These FAQs [...]

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