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Are You Advertising Your Security Guard Company in These Important Places?

Looking to pick up more clients for your security guard company? Finding the right places to advertise your business should be a top priority – and it can be more complicated than just taking out an ad in the Yellow Pages. In today's competitive security industry, advertising in the right places is more important than [...]

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The Top Skills Your Security Guard Hires Need in 2020

Guard managers need to be more selective than ever before in a market where industry demands and available applicants don't always match up. An attitude of "hiring whoever is next in line" won't work with today's security needs and new technology. If it's been a while since you have updated your hiring process, now is [...]

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9 Questions Every Security Guard Company Must Answer for High-Level Clients

Meeting and winning high-level clients and large company clients are important end goals for security guard companies. However, these types of clients can be particularly demanding. They often have experience with security firms, and they only want the best. To prepare to impress these types of clients, it's important to anticipate the sort of questions [...]

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Changing of the Guards: How the Private Security Industry is Evolving

The global private security industry is worth $7 billion a year, yet it remains largely unregulated. The role the security personnel play in people’s lives can’t be overemphasized since they outnumber sworn police officers. It was the threat of terrorism after the 9/11 attacks that raised awareness of the role these security personnel play. They’re [...]

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The Rise of Specialization Among Security Services

One of the most significant effects of the information age has been the rise of specialization and outsourcing. Before the ubiquity of the world wide web, a merchant had to do everything there is to do within their given field to remain competitive. They had to become the be and end-all of their industry. They [...]

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Protecting Your Bottom Line: 7 Tips to Secure More Executive Security Protection and Security Guard Clients

There are over a million people working in the security industry today. While only a fraction of those are in the private executive security sector, it's still a fiercely competitive market. However, if you're not actively working to get new clients, your security business could fail at any moment. You simply never know when your biggest client [...]

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When Communication is Your Best De-Escalation Technique: Adopting Customer Service Skills in the Security Guard Sector

Security guard employment is expected to grow 6% by 2026. For security guard companies, this means the demand for security is growing and you need the best talent on your team. But your security guards should serve more than protection. They need to be helpful to those they’re protecting and anyone else around them. What’s [...]

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8 of the Top Security Trends to Adopt in 2019

Adapting is how we stay on top! Here are eight of the top security trends your company should adopt for the new year! Did you know that the security guard industry market cap is predicted to reach 240 billion by 2020? Not only is this industry expanding, but it's also evolving at a rapid pace. As [...]

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How Many Hours a Week do Security Guards Work? Understanding Security Guard Rights

Many people who work as security guards or who are interested in the field are unaware of laws and regulations dictating how many hours they work. Keep reading to learn more about security guard rights.

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Hiring Security Guards: What All Security Companies Should Know

Are you thinking about hiring security guards? Ensure you're prepared before the hiring process. Read this guide and know what to look for in a security guard. Whether you own a business or have a large home, ensuring your safety and the security of others is paramount. If you're undecided as to whether or not [...]

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