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2020 Security Trends that Your Business Should Be Prepared to Explain

2020 presents an exciting time for alarm installation companies, which continue to see strong growth and have not suffered from the DIY industry as many feared that they would. Additionally, new alarm and security technologies are now becoming more mainstream, and that means curious customers are going to be seeking out more details this year. [...]

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How to Advertise the Added Value of a Professional Security System

A frequent challenge that security and alarm companies face is convincing potential customers that the value they add is worthwhile. This is particularly true in such a competitive industry where people may be looking at several similar offerings, and even truer when there's also a DIY side of the market to consider. Do you have [...]

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Are You Advertising Your Security Guard Company in These Important Places?

Looking to pick up more clients for your security guard company? Finding the right places to advertise your business should be a top priority – and it can be more complicated than just taking out an ad in the Yellow Pages. In today's competitive security industry, advertising in the right places is more important than [...]

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How Informative Video Content Can Boost Your Security System Sales

You have probably already heard that video marketing is a big deal right now – and it's popular because it works. The latest studies show that 68% of consumers would prefer to watch a short video to learn how something works rather than read a text-based article. When consumers are asked what type of video [...]

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Your Clients and Their Rights: Everything Customers Should Know About Legally Installing Security Equipment

A common question clients ask is about what's allowed when it comes to their security systems and installation. Many buyers want to know, "Can I legally put a camera here?" or, more directly, "Could I get sued successfully for this? What's my liability like?" If you're involved in the installation process, you may be wondering [...]

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Residential Security Camera Laws to Know for Alarm Company Owners

Alarm company owners face very specific legal ramifications of their work. Here are the residential security camera laws to know for surveillance installers. As an alarm and surveillance camera owner, you put yourself at risk if you don't understand the residential security cameras laws in the areas you serve. Your customers likely won't know all [...]

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Self-monitoring Home Security: How AI is Changing the Market

The global security solutions market is expected to continue to grow by double-digit percentages for the coming years. The advancements in self-monitoring home security technology have made security even better. Thanks to smarter home security systems, it's easier to get clients excited by home security. AI-powered cameras, alarms, and digital assistances make homeowners much more secure. The [...]

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Customer Retention Strategies for Security Alarm Businesses

What’s more important to a business than acquiring a new customer? Believe it or not, it is not acquiring two customers. It is the ability to retain a customer once you have enrolled them as a client. According to customer retention statistics, it takes as much as seven times more money and effort to get [...]

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Book More Appointments in Your Neighborhood: Local SEO Strategies for Alarm Installation Companies and Contractors

A couple of years ago, your biggest marketing enemy was SEO. You didn't know what it meant let alone how it could help you grow your business. But, you added a blog to your site. You started asking for reviews. You utilized the best SEO practices based on experts' advise. It worked. Over time, your website got more [...]

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10 Alarm Service Business Ideas That Vastly Improve Customer Reach

What's a business without customers? Check out these 10 alarm service business ideas that are guaranteed to improve your customer reach instantly!

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