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Alarm Installers and Employee Vetting: Here’s What to Watch For

If your installation business is expanding or changing, you’re probably thinking about new hires. Not all installation employees are the same – you definitely don’t want to end up with one that will steal a homeowner’s medication while they’re on the job. To help reduce risk for your business and find employees that impress customers, [...]

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The Biggest Problems to Avoid with Alarm Monitoring

Alarm monitoring is a frequently requested feature for both commercial and residential alarm installation clients. Many owners want that added guarantee of a professional center monitoring their property and contacting the authorities if it looks like something is wrong. They also often have questions about fees, reliability, response time, and more. Arranging for monitoring services [...]

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Top Mistakes Businesses Are Making with Fire Alarms

Fire alarm installations don’t always go according to plan – or code. This is especially common when business or property owners purchase a building with an incorrectly installed alarm system, without realizing it. It can also happen when owners make alarm installation decisions themselves and no one stops them when it comes to a mistake. [...]

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Cell Data vs. Wi-Fi Connections for Today’s Security Alarms

Today’s alarm systems are more connected to digital systems than ever before. From choosing the right security monitoring service to setting up alerts so that owners receive immediate notifications, being online in some way is usually a requirement. That creates an important choice for owners and installers to discuss: Connecting a security system by cell/GMS [...]

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The Worst Weak Points in Today’s Commercial Alarm and Security Systems

The last years have been an excellent period of security technology and the growth of modern alarm systems in the commercial area. More businesses than ever are aware of the benefits that updated systems and new alarms can provide – but there’s still plenty of growth potential for companies that haven’t made needed updates. Here are [...]

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The Newest Strategies for Finding Alarm Installation Projects

Are you looking to expand your installation and monitoring services this year? As 2021 has gone on, we’ve seen the rise of several strategies for gaining more clients and offering more projects with wider appeal. Let’s take a look at some of the successful strategies, and if they’re a good fit. Partnering with Property Management [...]

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Winter Recommendations All Alarm Installers Should Be Making

When winter and the holidays approach, it becomes more common for commercial owners and homeowners to think about their security systems, fire alarms, and overall safety. It’s an effective time for installers to start offering discounts or consultations on potential upgrades. Clients may be interested in changes that help reduce theft, cut their liability risk [...]

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Recommending Security Cams: What Advice Should Installers Be Giving?

As security camera technology progresses, it’s important for alarm technicians to understand what features add the most value, and what to recommend to clients. Many clients, especially commercial customers that have security systems at least several years old, may be interested in upgrading or adding a security cam for a specific purpose. Security cam systems [...]

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7 Key Signs of a Vulnerable Alarm System

Spotting alarm system vulnerabilities is an important quality-of-life service for alarm installers, as well as a way to consult about potential security corrections or upgrades. Here are several common vulnerabilities in alarm systems to watch for during this phase. There Are No Interference Alerts Today’s security systems use a variety of sensors that can be [...]

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New Trends: Alarm Installation for Seniors and Aging in Place

A growing sector of the alarm installation market is focused on providing solutions for those who plan on aging in place or working with clients that manage assisted living facilities. We are seeing some very innovative applications in this area, such as IBM Research’s trial run using lidar from self-driving cars in seniors’ homes to [...]

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