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Best 5 Alarm Apps for Home Security

Mobile apps represent the latest technological advancement in home security systems and until this innovation, most people set their alarms and hoped for the best. Today, you can arm and disarm your home security system using your phone. Although the mobile technology is always changing, most of the currently available apps are compatible with iPhones, [...]

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Home Automation: Secure or Skynet?

Visions of a fully automated home on screen have ranged from the push-button functionality on "The Jetsons," the current commercials starring Alec Baldwin for Amazon Echo or the more terrifying self-aware Skynet defense system in "Terminator 2." While the first two are enticing, the latter and all the headlines about data breaches are an impediment [...]

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Tips for Starting and Growing Your Alarm Installation Company

Are you trying to start your own alarm installation company? Starting a business not only requires dedication and total commitment, it takes industry knowledge and skills. With acts of domestic and global terror committed on an all too frequent basis, today’s world can be a chaotic and perilous place. Now more than ever, people are [...]

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Can You Trust Your Home Security to Cloud Technology?

With so much hype surrounding cloud technology, you may find it hard to separate fact from fiction. Is cloud computing the next big thing? Or has cloud become more of a marketing pitch, repackaging old technology as the next evolution of the Internet? The bottom-line truth is: The technology that underpins the "cloud" has been [...]

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Is Your Home Alarm System Hackable?

Homeowners and security professionals alike have expressed concerns over the emerging Internet of Things. As toasters, refrigerators, and even doorknobs are connecting to the internet, the internet of things is opening homes and businesses to hacking opportunities and possible security breaches. Yet a greater concern exists in residential homes that could open hacking avenues that [...]

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Survey Finds 2/3 of Homeowners Feel Unsafe

In a survey of over 1,000 American respondents, Honeywell found a variety of interesting data points relevant to alarm security companies. What can you use from the survey to improve your company? Honeywell commissioned a recent survey to gain an understanding of why more users are interested in connected home technology. The security technology company [...]

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Do Drones Benefit Security?

Drones are a relatively new bit of technology, as well as a hot topic for security debate. This isn’t surprising, as just about every new technology falls under the scrutiny of security debate, ranging from arguments for increased safety to wild accusations that the robots will finally destroy us. Whichever way you sway, there are [...]

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Video Verification: More Than Just Intrusion Protection

Video surveillance provides a powerful way to keep businesses and residential homes safe. Traditional uses for video security are of course to verify intrusions and prevent false alarms. Yet there are more ways that security system companies are taking advantage of this unique technology. Beyond Intrusion Detection Detecting intruders can be done in a variety [...]

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Is the Security Equipment in Your Home Prone to Hacking?

The smart home is a clear step into the future of home security, which comes with exciting implications and new devices to explore. Users are able to unlock doors in convenient situations like when hands are full of groceries, or lock doors if they forgot to secure the premises. Home cameras help parents monitor homes [...]

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Home Monitoring Goes DIY

Attracting the attention of consumers will forever be the challenge marketers will persevere to overcome. Understanding the ideal demographic, what kind of language draws them to a product, and what channels they are most likely going to find your brand on is something the best companies pay obscene amounts of money for. One particular class [...]

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