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Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems

The concept of automatic fire sprinkler systems dates back to the 1800s, most notably to English inventor John Carey. He developed a heat-operated system that distributed water through perforated pipes to extinguish fire. In 1864, Major Stewart Harrison of London’s

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Surveillance Officer Terminated For Misconduct

Facts: Robert Swan worked as a surveillance officer at a casino from 1989-2005 before he was accused of misconduct and terminated from employment. His employer alleged that Swan and three other guards misused security recording devices to observe and zoom

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Not A False Alarm

The high rate of false alarms plaguing the police is consistently and widely reported; in some communities the rate is 95 to 1, or greater. It is refreshing to hear a story of a true alarm and the capture of

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Openings and Closings and Panic Situations

More and more, the alarm industry is using wireless technology as a means to detect and report openings and closings at residential and commercial premises, summon help in emergency situations, such as robbery and sudden injury or illness, and determine

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Guide for Users of Home Alarm Systems

• Have the alarm installed by a licensed company. • Have the alarm company provide you with an orientation and training. • Select dual technology sensors when possible. • Make sure all motion detectors have a second sensor on the

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Alarm Company Liability

As stated elsewhere in this newsletter, an alarm company was sued for faulty installation of a home alarm system. The following case indicates a continuing rise in lawsuits filed against alarm companies. ADT was judged at fault for not having

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