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Guide for Users of Home Alarm Systems

• Have the alarm installed by a licensed company.
• Have the alarm company provide you with an orientation and training.
• Select dual technology sensors when possible.
• Make sure all motion detectors have a second sensor on the same circuit to verify the first sensor.
• Install an alarm system with two-way voice communication.
• Program door alarm sensors to have at least a 45 second delay before they activate.
• Make sure that panic buttons are not accessible to children.
• Inspect the system at least once every year.
• In the event of a false alarm, find out what caused it and take steps to ensure that it does not happen again.
• Be especially watchful and alert after any unexplained alarm activation.
• Rehearse alarm cancellation procedures with anyone who might use the alarm system.
• Cancel all false alarms immediately.
• Have the alarm system user’s manual readily available.
• Make sure the alarm panel transformer is plugged into a 24-hour outlet.
• Make sure that your alarm system can send a signal to the monitoring facility when there is a power outage.
• Give the monitoring company detailed instructions about who to call and what to do when the alarm is activated.
• Verify alarm cancellation procedures with the alarm company.
• Confirm in writing any unusual agreements with the alarm company.
• Make sure that pets are not loose in a room that has motion detectors.
• Do not leave balloons or other movable items in a room that has a motion sensor.
• Make sure that all doors and windows latch securely.
• Install and use dead-bolt locks.
• Quickly repair broken windows or holes in roofs to ensure that birds, cats, or other animals can’t enter and set off the alarm.
• Ensure that everyone who uses the alarm system has been trained in its operation and knows the code word

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