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Specialized Insurance for Security Guard Firms

It’s important for security firms to have peace of mind by ensuring they are safe and protected by the best security guard insurance coverage available.

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Security Guard Business General Liability Insurance

El Dorado Insurance Protects You the Way You Protect Others

Security Guards are critical to the safety and security of businesses and government institutions across the country as well as to the public. Their work in patrolling and inspecting property to protect people and their belongings from fire, theft, vandalism, or other harmful activities is noble, yet dangerous. Even the most mundane task, inspection or patrol has the capacity to turn dangerous and potentially even deadly at a moment’s notice.

Get peace of mind by ensuring you are safe and protected by the best insurance coverage available.

A Customized General Liability Policy

General Liability insurance protects a business against claims against the company or company employees and pays for a variety of fees as well as legal costs.

General liability is a type of commercial insurance that can be customized for all different types of businesses. More specific coverages, like Errors & Omissions insurance, are typically considered a part of General Liability insurance.

Not only is this type of insurance often required for certain businesses, but it is particularly important for security guard companies, considering the risks that they face. However, finding the right general liability insurance can be challenging for private security companies. Some insurers even refuse to offer liability insurance to security guard companies because of the risk involved in that type of business.

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We are the Security Guard Insurance Experts

For over 50 years, El Dorado Insurance has been providing specialized insurance for all types of security industry businesses. Due to this experience, we have a deep understanding of the unique insurance needs of both security employers and their employees.

We know how easily security guards can be faced with a dangerous situation that can potentially cause their own lives to be at risk, but we also know how easily they can make split-second decisions while undertaking even the most mundane task that can result in costly mistakes that have the potential to put the entire company at risk.

Our decades of experience in this industry has made us experts at evaluating all possibilities and potentialities to help you find the very best coverage to ensure both you and your employees are protected on all sides.

Additonal Coverages for Private Security Businesses

Providing security guard services is a dangerous occupation. Investing in the right types of insurance coverages can help protect your business from catastrophic financial loss.

Why El Dorado for Security Guard Insurance?

El Dorado Team Members
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El Dorado Located in Houston, TX

With over 50 years of experience working with the security guard industry, El Dorado Insurance has the knowledge and expertise creating tailored programs for security businesses. Not only are we happy to insure your security guard business, we can talk with you about what types of specific coverage you need in General Liability & Supplemental policies, and what the effects will be on your business. In addition, you will find that El Dorado offers:


Just like you, we understand the importance of responding quickly in a crisis. We do our very best to ensure the fastest response times when you need us most.

Knowledge in the Industry

With over 50 years of experience in the security guard industry, El Dorado has spent decades building a reputation of quality work and respect, so clients understand why they can count on us.

Trusted Relationships

We know that trust is crucial in every business relationship – but particularly in the insurance industry. We have worked hard to build and establish trusted relationships with all of our clients and hope to do the same with you.

An Eagerness to Help

We don't just offer insurance – we enjoy it! At El Dorado, we're eager to help our clients solve their problems. We're a little obsessed with digging down to the details to make sure every client gets the coverage they need.

Expert Advice

We don't just have salespeople; we have security industry specialists who have plenty of experience with what clients need. They understand the unique issues that security companies face, and what options work best for those needs.

Tailored Packages

Regardless of your coverage requirements or cost goals, every security company deserves a customized insurance package that fits their company. El Dorado believes tailoring a plan is always worth the time, no matter the size of your company or what type of coverage you want.

Policies tailored to your individual needs, with the bottom line in mind.

As security experts since 1968, El Dorado Insurance Agency, Inc. is well known for creating customized insurance for security companies to meet the special requirements each company needs. Every business offers a slightly different type of security and that means the insurance they need can vary widely as well.

Some security guards may sit behind a desk, while others may patrol in vehicles that also need to be insured with commercial insurance. Some security guards deal regularly with the public, while others work in private installations that aren’t open to the public.

All of these tasks carry different types of liability, which require different types of insurance.

We offer a wide range of programs that allow us to tailor make a package to meet the specific needs of your individual business. In addition, we work hard to ensure you have all the coverage you need without carrying additional coverage that you don’t.

When building custom packages, we carefully scrutinize all of your policies to ensure you are getting the very best coverage at the most competitive pricing available.

General Liability Premiums

These types of policies and premiums can vary widely, making it difficult to provide an average estimate. A small security company may pay $3,000 to $4,000 per year for a good General Liability policy, but there are several factors that help us provide the best price and coverage. Key considerations may include:

Operations – What type of clients does your firm work for and where are you providing those services?

Contractual Obligations – Are you having your clients sign your own contract or do you sign their form?  What language is included in these forms?

Loss History – Has your firm experienced any losses in the past?  Were there any factors that could help an underwriter understand these losses more clearly?

Management Experience – How much experience does management have in the security industry?  How long has the firm itself been in business?

Rely on the Security Guard Insurance Experts

El Dorado Insurance Agency, Inc. is celebrating 50+ years as a reliable leader in the security industry. Call us today at 800-221-3386 to receive a free quote or visit our Application Center to apply for security guard insurance coverage.

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