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Fire Alarm Systems: Two Basic Types

The two basic types of fire alarm systems in use today are known as manual and automatic. Both manual and automatic fire alarm systems can be designed to either protect lives only or protect lives and property. Automatic fire alarm

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Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems

The concept of automatic fire sprinkler systems dates back to the 1800s, most notably to English inventor John Carey. He developed a heat-operated system that distributed water through perforated pipes to extinguish fire. In 1864, Major Stewart Harrison of London’s

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Surveillance Officer Terminated For Misconduct

Facts: Robert Swan worked as a surveillance officer at a casino from 1989-2005 before he was accused of misconduct and terminated from employment. His employer alleged that Swan and three other guards misused security recording devices to observe and zoom

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Not A False Alarm

The high rate of false alarms plaguing the police is consistently and widely reported; in some communities the rate is 95 to 1, or greater. It is refreshing to hear a story of a true alarm and the capture of

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Openings and Closings and Panic Situations

More and more, the alarm industry is using wireless technology as a means to detect and report openings and closings at residential and commercial premises, summon help in emergency situations, such as robbery and sudden injury or illness, and determine

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Guide for Users of Home Alarm Systems

• Have the alarm installed by a licensed company. • Have the alarm company provide you with an orientation and training. • Select dual technology sensors when possible. • Make sure all motion detectors have a second sensor on the

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Alarm Company Liability

As stated elsewhere in this newsletter, an alarm company was sued for faulty installation of a home alarm system. The following case indicates a continuing rise in lawsuits filed against alarm companies. ADT was judged at fault for not having

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