Burglar Alarm Factoids

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Here are snippets of findings from various studies of burglary prevention.

  • A home with an alarm has a 1.4 percent chance of burglary, while a home without an alarm has a 2.3 percent chance of burglary.
  • Alarms are more effective than other security devices.
  • Dead bolts, exterior lights, a dog, and a car in the driveway help decrease burglary risk.
  • If a home is occupied and/or if the points of entry to a home are visible to persons outside the home, the risk of burglary is substantially reduced.
  • Burglars tend to avoid homes that have yard signs indicating alarms.
  • A burglar alarm appears to be most merited when household income is above $150,000.
  • A burglar alarm appears to be most merited when the home value is above $601,000.
  • One major city reported that only three-tenths of one percent of alarms responded to by the police turned out to result from crime.