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Not A False Alarm

The high rate of false alarms plaguing the police is consistently and widely reported; in some communities the rate is 95 to 1, or greater. It is refreshing to hear a story of a true alarm and the capture of a burglar.

Deputies of the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina responded to a residential burglar alarm. When they arrived, a woman in the neighborhood told them a man had run out of the door to the house that triggered the alarm. The woman said she thought he had run into nearby woods. Deputies surrounded the woods and sent in a K9 unit. A man was seen running through the woods; deputies stopped him; the man tried to flee, resisted and was taken to the ground. While being handcuffed, the man attempted to grab a deputy’s firearm. After the man was subdued, he was searched and a .32 caliber revolver was found inside the man’s waistband. The serial number on the revolver had been filed off.

The suspect denied doing anything wrong. He has been charged with burglary and illegal possession of a firearm. Goes to prove that alarms do work.

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