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Burglary Trends in 2023

Top Burglary Trends in 2023 and How Alarm Installers Can Prepare

Around 2.5 million burglaries occur every year in the United States – and those are just the thefts that get reported to legal systems and are collected by the Department of Justice. In many cases, larcenies and thefts are additional issues. While violent crime continues to trend downward, theft and related crimes are rising in many areas, particularly following the relatively quiet COVID-19 years.

That means a growing number of business owners and homeowners are hearing about burglaries and wondering what they should do. Alarm installers should be ready to respond with the right solutions, upgrades, and advice. Take a look at these top trends to see what’s happening and how to think about responding.

Around a Third of Burglars Are Walking Through the Front Door

We know that seems high, but studies bear this out. A larger number of people, especially in the residential world, leave their front doors open. Or, they may have front doors with locks that are easily circumvented. It’s surprising how many primary doorways can give way with a hard shove. After that, burglaries typically only take 10 minutes at the maximum. That’s often not enough time for help to arrive even if a security monitoring system contacts law enforcement.

What to consider: Deadbolts, smart locks, and video doorbells are all immensely helpful when guarding the front door. Installers should also focus on the primary entry point when considering security and working with clients to address their concerns.

Cargo Theft

Cargo theft is a broad term covering the theft of shipped goods and packages. For commercial areas, that means thieves break (or sneak) into trucks and warehouses and grab expensive-looking packages. In the residential area, the dreaded porch pirates have already made a name for themselves by grabbing delivered items. Either way, cargo theft represents a lot of loss for both buyers and sellers, and continues to grow year over year.

What to consider: Video doorbells are one of the best residential deterrents to thieves looking for packages. They may not always stop theft, but they can scare many away and provide video to the authorities. For commercial cargo theft, monitoring delivery zones is vital, and well-placed security cams or automatic locks can fix many problems. Companies may also want to upgrade their access control with security IDs and package tracking.

Catalytic Converter Theft and Similar Auto Theft

Catalytic converter theft is on the rise across the country and has become such a pervasive issue that some have begun stealing these car parts without a fence to sell to, assuming that they’ll be tradeable in the future. What’s a home-based security system supposed to do when a couple of minutes with a saw is all thieves may need?

What to consider: First, car owners should know that cars are also best protected in a secure garage, even if they need to move things around to make room. Thieves can’t steal converters if they can’t access the car at all. Second, home-based security systems do have a role to play in protecting streetside cars. Video security cameras can help make thieves wary of doing anything near a home, and capture information that could be helpful to law enforcement. All this also applies to motor vehicle theft, which is also on the rise across the country.

Heavy Equipment Theft

Heavy equipment theft refers to people stealing from garages, contractor trucks, food carts, work yards, construction sites, and similar locations. It’s highly seasonal and may be a bigger problem in the warmer months. These thieves steal equipment they believe has value on the road or can be easily sold at a later time, which leads to serious business losses for some companies. Along the way, they may also steal anything from spotlights to sound systems, so losses can quickly mount.

What to consider: Heavy equipment theft can be a serious problem. Security cams may not prevent these kinds of theft, although they can provide important evidence for insurance companies. Otherwise, strong locks and access control practices can help keep areas with vulnerable equipment protected.

Employee Theft

Employee theft is unfortunately common for many businesses and can create both losses and an atmosphere of suspicion that damages productivity. Employees can have easy access to cash drawers, supplies, and warehouses, which can create difficulties for those who are less than honest. Businesses are stuck between wanting a healthy, trustful workplace, and needing to protect their bottom line.

What to consider: Fortunately, employee internal theft is easily countered with security cams in key positions and proper access control for POS, manager’s offices, safes, and similar locations.


When preventing burglaries and theft, deterrence is key. Alarm installers should put robust systems into place, but they should always work with clients to make security obvious. That’s why big brands provide stickers and yard signs as a method of deterrent. That’s one option, but other methods can help scare away burglars, too. That includes motion-sensor lights and video doorbells (some even have automated greetings they can give). Keep up on the latest theft trends, and you’ll know what your customers are most worried about.

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