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Robbery Alarms

A robbery alarm is typically activated by an inconspicuous device such as a hold-up or panic button, a hidden foot rail or a device that is built into or attached to the item being taken. Most robbery alarms are silent

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An EEOC Guideline

An employment policy frequently applied by employers in the security services industry is to deny employment to a person convicted of a felony. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) agrees with the policy but only to a certain extent. The

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Guard Claims Discrimination

Facts: Rocky Hunter was employed as a security guard by a grocery store for over 20 years. Although Hunter, who is African American, received mostly positive annual performance evaluations over the course of his employment, he had received reprimands for

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Sprinkler Systems Explained

Alerting people to the presence of fire is important. But, so is putting the fire out. When a fire starts, it quickly heats the air directly above it. This air rises and is pushed out to either side when it

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Security Guard and Hotel Guest Altercation

Dillon Bracken went to a restaurant at a resort hotel on New Year’s Eve. Bracken did not know that the restaurant was reserved for a private party and closed to the public. Bracken alleged that a security guard in plain

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Burglar Alarm Factoids

Here are snippets of findings from various studies of burglary prevention. A home with an alarm has a 1.4 percent chance of burglary, while a home without an alarm has a 2.3 percent chance of burglary. Alarms are more effective

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Gang-Related Shooting

Teenager Jerome Ellington and his friends, all of them members of a gang, went to a bowling alley. A rival gang was at the bowling alley when they arrived. The two gangs engaged in loud verbal taunting during the course

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Thwarting Burglars

Burglars dislike noise because noise attracts attention. An audible burglar alarm is an excellent deterrent in preventing burglaries. So is a barking dog. However, a dog cannot always be depended upon. Professional burglars have been known to carry tasty dog

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Kinesics is the study of body language and is based on the behavioral patterns of nonverbal communication. Body language can include any non-reflexive or reflexive movement of a part or all of the body. Such movements can be particularly revealing

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