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Tech’s Big Year in Security

Technology is now infused into nearly every aspect of society, and the case is no different in the security industry. Now well into 2015, we can see a little more clearly what trends we can expect in technology throughout the year. From the embracing of mobile apps to reinforcing smart homes, we predict some of the ways technology will help protect the homes of America in 2015.

Integrated Systems

Partially or fully integrated security systems as an ideal solution is something that most security managers can agree on. By allowing systems to talk to each other such as intrusion, video surveillance and access control, home owners can more easily manage their security system and put it to full use.  While most systems today do not have this ideal integration and are primarily stand alone systems, 2015 will be a year more security companies will be moving toward fusing systems. We will start to see more end users replace closed appliance-based solutions with applications linking security devices for safety, scalability, and agility.

Cyber Security

Just like in 2014, discussions around cyber security will continue. Big data breaches unfortunately continue to happen, forcing vendors and security departments to take action by getting prepared and securing their systems. The good news is that with increasing company involvement from IT departments, integrators and security practitioners have tools to reinforce security and protect information. The big thing however is to really listen to the advice from IT, understand their concerns and make sure that cybersecurity measures are enabled.

Cloud-Based Technology Services

It is easy to store information on a cloud for both internal use as well as sharing with third-parties. While companies across the world enjoy the security of not losing data, cloud-based systems do offer opportunity for security issues. The expanded use of the cloud is a trend everyone in security is aware of by now, and it’s heavy prevalence in business will only be growing in 2015. Widespread use of cloud based services for security and surveillance with an increased amount of control and management solutions, especially given that compatibility with third-party software continues.

Video Surveillance

A lot can be said for what we can expect in video for 2015. IP cameras are now a widely used commodity, which necessitates an increased attention to security. Additionally, the role of video surveillance has traditionally been a post-event investigation resource, but in 2015 we will start to see a bit of a shift. Now that customers have mobile applications with visibility  from anywhere, video cameras can be more helpful in integrating with other systems for both preventative and damage controlling purposes.

The security industry continues to grow and change with trends, especially with technological advances. The need for physical security will always be present, but utilizing resources in tech can help enable the alarm industry to become more effective and successful. 2015 will be a big year for that.



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