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Alarm Companies Target Domestic Violence

Domestic violence affects one in four women and one in seven men across the United States every year. That equates to 1.3 million women and 740,000 men nationwide. Given the prevalence of the problem, security companies are getting involved to put a stop to domestic and partner abuse.

Alliance Security for example has not only allocated funding to prevention but have taken the effort a step further. The Rhode Island based company is providing free alarm system installation and maintenance to domestic abuse victims. “It’s easy to write a check and walk away,” says Alliance COO Brian Fabiano, “We wanted to get involved and do something we’re good at, which is protecting homes.”

The program, Friends of RICADV, is the brainchild of Alliance’s partnership with Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence (RICADV). By teaming up this helps with the challenge that faces many coalitions involved in domestic abuse and violence – the anonymity factor. Most victims must protect their identity in the prevention of future attacks. How the program gets around this issue is RICADV makes recommendations of victims who could benefit from the program. Alliance installs whichever security measures the victim needs to be and feel safe – whether it’s a full alarm system or simply ensuring the durability of windows and doors. Technicians who install security systems and secure the home are unaware of which clients are in the program, thus further protecting their anonymity.

Participants in the program are awarded free Alliance protection for the first year. After that the recipient’s situation is evaluated to determine safety needs and protection. Depending on the recommendations of the RICADV, the services can be continued for free or at a discount.

Other alarm companies additionally provide resources for victims of abuse. For example SDS, an alarm company based out of California, provides a free printable Personal Safety Prevention plan, intended to increase a person’s safety either in the relationship or after it. Its additional aim is intended to help persons know what to do to help the relationship, or when it’s time to leave.

An additional tool for security from domestic violence is the Life Button 24 Personal Emergency Assistance System. The device, used in Nassau county in New York is a wireless alarm that connects directly with the Nassau County Police Department when a user pushes the emergency button. Two-way communications between the victim and authorities are established to ensure the location of the user is generated and authorities can respond with help.

Domestic violence is an unfortunate and prevalent problem throughout the world and in the United States. Security companies are an excellent example of companies with the tools, resources and knowledge to help prevent abuse from continuing, given that home protection is a core competency. What other security companies can learn from Alliance and other firms getting involved in the solution is that teaming up with prevention groups is a great way to find victims who need help. Like many  forms of abuse, victims are often quiet about their circumstances, which can make it a challenge to bring them the help they need.



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