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Identity Theft Prevention

Identity theft is a tragic by product of the technology age. Social security numbers, addresses, dates of birth, etc. can be obtained by computer hackers or thieves stealing or finding a lost wallet. Since 2003, 11.7 million Americans have become

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More Security Companies Adopting Solar Alarm Systems

It seems as though every facet of the residential and commercial construction industry is finding environmentally friendly alternatives to building. Low energy appliances, cost efficient materials and recycled hardware are just a few ways that builders are not only saving

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New Online Tool Saves You Time

Texas Mutual has introduced a new online service that will help you save time – Claims Alerts. Texas Mutual designed the claims alerts tool to help you manage your claims. It allows you to monitor changes to your claims by

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Easy Tips to Keep Burglars Away

While the threat of burglary is real, there are ways to prevent or decrease damage caused by intruders. A popular and effective means of doing so is via private home alarm system. The reason why this preventative measure works so

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Store Not Liable to Family of Slain Robber

In December of 2011, Jeremi Atkinson entered a grocery store through a side door leading up to the store manager’s office. He was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and black face mask. Atkinson encountered a female security guard upon climbing a

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Security Guard and Suspect Shot in Seattle

Around 11:00am on Thursday, July 24, two Seattle area men were shot multiple times resulting in critical injuries. 46-year-old Bank of America security guard, Bruce Golphenee, approached a 30-year-old patron inside the bank and found himself in a resulting argument. It is

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Security Guard Sues Securitas Security Services, Inc.

Taunya Sperry worked as a security guard and emergency medical technician for Securitas Security Services. Sperry was assigned to a steel finishing plant, and claims she was systematically underpaid and denied adequate breaks and meals. The basis of Sperry’s claims

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