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When a PI Service is Better Than An Internal Investigation

When a corporate crisis occurs, companies must decide whether or not to begin an investigation – followed immediately by another pressing question: Should that investigation be internal or should the company hire private investigation services? Sometime the law or corporate policy will dictate the precise steps to follow during these situations. But sometimes things aren't [...]

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Your Clients and Their Rights: Everything Customers Should Know About Legally Installing Security Equipment

A common question clients ask is about what's allowed when it comes to their security systems and installation. Many buyers want to know, "Can I legally put a camera here?" or, more directly, "Could I get sued successfully for this? What's my liability like?" If you're involved in the installation process, you may be wondering [...]

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Changing of the Guards: How the Private Security Industry is Evolving

The global private security industry is worth $7 billion a year, yet it remains largely unregulated. The role the security personnel play in people’s lives can’t be overemphasized since they outnumber sworn police officers. It was the threat of terrorism after the 9/11 attacks that raised awareness of the role these security personnel play. They’re [...]

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Protecting Your Bottom Line: 7 Tips to Secure More Executive Security Protection and Security Guard Clients

There are over a million people working in the security industry today. While only a fraction of those are in the private executive security sector, it's still a fiercely competitive market. However, if you're not actively working to get new clients, your security business could fail at any moment. You simply never know when your biggest client [...]

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Self-monitoring Home Security: How AI is Changing the Market

The global security solutions market is expected to continue to grow by double-digit percentages for the coming years. The advancements in self-monitoring home security technology have made security even better. Thanks to smarter home security systems, it's easier to get clients excited by home security. AI-powered cameras, alarms, and digital assistances make homeowners much more secure. The [...]

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Do This, Don’t Do That: Private Investigator Best Practices

There are plenty of misconceptions about what a private investigator can legally do within the limits of their job when they're bound by court restrictions. Are you considering hiring a private investigator? A growing number of people who are seeking the help of private investigators. More private investigators are employed every year. The number is [...]

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Customer Retention Strategies for Security Alarm Businesses

What’s more important to a business than acquiring a new customer? Believe it or not, it is not acquiring two customers. It is the ability to retain a customer once you have enrolled them as a client. According to customer retention statistics, it takes as much as seven times more money and effort to get [...]

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When Communication is Your Best De-Escalation Technique: Adopting Customer Service Skills in the Security Guard Sector

Security guard employment is expected to grow 6% by 2026. For security guard companies, this means the demand for security is growing and you need the best talent on your team. But your security guards should serve more than protection. They need to be helpful to those they’re protecting and anyone else around them. What’s [...]

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Book More Appointments in Your Neighborhood: Local SEO Strategies for Alarm Installation Companies and Contractors

A couple of years ago, your biggest marketing enemy was SEO. You didn't know what it meant let alone how it could help you grow your business. But, you added a blog to your site. You started asking for reviews. You utilized the best SEO practices based on experts' advise. It worked. Over time, your website got more [...]

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How to Protect Your Process Server or Private Investigation Business: 7 Legal and Insurance Tips

You've decided to start a process server or private investigation business. Sounds easy, right? Before you fall into the trap of thinking that there isn't much to worry about, think again. Just like with any other business, maybe even more so, there are legal details to take care of. You'll need to make sure you [...]

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