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Boost Your Security System Sales With Informative Video Content

How Informative Video Content Can Boost Your Security System Sales

You have probably already heard that video marketing is a big deal right now – and it’s popular because it works. The latest studies show that 68% of consumers would prefer to watch a short video to learn how something works rather than read a text-based article. When consumers are asked what type of video content they’d like to see more of, the winning answer by a large margin was “explainer videos.”

If your content doesn’t include videos for people visiting your security site or profiles, now is the time to start! But what sort of videos are best for alarm installation companies to use? Fortunately, your industry in particular has a lot of options. Let’s go over a few effective choices.

Graphic Videos to Explain Your Services and Features

Motion Graphics videos use simple (sometimes cartoony) graphics to explain a process. These videos can be very effective when you need to explain how a particular security product works, and how users interact with it. Think of it as a great summation of your value offering, a top-down look at your business, what you do for people, even your licensing and insurance credentials. These types of motion graphics videos have become so popular among home automation companies that you can easily find lists of the best examples to draw inspiration from.

The downside to these effective videos is that you may not have the necessary skills within your team to create them, which means seeking outside services to create the video. This isn’t exactly difficult to do, but it does tend to make these videos more expensive to make.

Set-Up and Installation Videos

Set-up and installation videos show exactly how products like security cameras, security hubs, and motion detectors are installed. This is one of the most common questions potential clients have when considering an alarm installation, so these videos have very high value. If you create a video like this, two important goals to consider are:

  • Show how easy installation will be: Security devices are easier to install than ever, and it’s important that clients know that. Many clients work about the expense and potential damage of installations in their walls and ceilings. They will breathe a sigh of relief when they see how simple an installation is.
  • Show the advantages of a professional installation: DIY security installations are on the rise, but they weren’t quite the game changer that the alarm industry was afraid of. However, it’s important to point out the benefits of a professional installation. These benefits can include proper positioning and adjustment, worry-free software set-up, sturdy installations that will stay in place, and so on.

How Add-Ons Work

Do you sell add-ons for your systems like additional detectors or extra smart devices? Consider creating a video showing how these add-ons integrate into your current system. These videos also work well as motion graphics content, but they should answer common questions about adding on extra devices. How are devices added after installation? How do devices work together?

Demonstrations of Video Surveillance

What does video surveillance look like through your cameras? Talking about resolution, angle of view and night vision is well and good, but clients won’t truly understand the video quality until they see it for themselves. Include video content that shows what footage from your cams looks like so buyers have a good idea. This content is some of the easiest to make, and it’s a great place to get started.

Demonstrations of Detectors and Locks

Clients may also have questions about how detectors and advanced lock systems/security doors work. A video guide to explaining these specific products can be very helpful. If you offer products like these, consider making a video that walks people through just how they work.

Heat Mapping Videos for Sensitive Areas

Heat maps, foot tracking, and similar capabilities are newer technologies that are popular offerings for businesses, especially retail areas. However, people may not be sure how they work or what the advantages are of using these features. A video is an excellent way to show how heat maps are created, and how they can be used to make better security decisions in the future. This goes for all kinds of advanced video and data features!

Access Point Explanation Videos

Consider a video that takes a 3D rendering of a building and goes around it, pointing out the points of access and explaining why it’s important to have security layers to protect specific access points. This helps clients understand the concept, and see what kinds of potential weaknesses buildings can have. It makes for a great intro video along with motion graphics options.

Visualizations of Using Apps and Software

Clients are also very curious about how, exactly apps work. What are interfaces like? How do you access and control features remotely? How do alerts and third-party monitoring work? Screenshots can help a little with these questions, but a brief video is often more effective to display just how these features work in the real world.

These video content options are a good place to start, but it’s also important that you look at your own services and find unique videos that can explain what you offer in effective ways. Remember to keep your videos short, professional, and informative. Use them across social media and link them in your emails for even more exposure! Don’t keep on waiting to add videos to your site when you can get started today.

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