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Answers for High Level Clients Answers for High Level Clients

9 Questions Every Security Guard Company Must Answer for High-Level Clients

Meeting and winning high-level clients and large company clients are important end goals for security guard companies. However, these types of clients can be particularly demanding. They often have experience with security firms, and they only want the best.

To prepare to impress these types of clients, it’s important to anticipate the sort of questions they are likely to ask. Here’s a useful guide to the questions you should be prepared for – and what they mean.

1. Is Security Your Primary Business?

Clients ask this question to make sure that security guard services are your focus. Security companies often offer other services besides guards, anything from alarm installation to landscaping. Clients want to know the security guards are your specialty, preferably your only primary business. For example, El Dorado has been working with Security Companies for 50 years!

Even if you do provide other services, it’s important to convince clients that your security guard offerings are top-notch and have your full attention. Make sure you prove that you are licensed and insured for guard activities, and talk a little about the history of your guard services to show how invested you are in them. If you have any notable awards, certifications, or successful guarding events to your name, this is an ideal time to bring them up!

2. What Similar Businesses Have You Worked With Before?

High-level clients want to see evidence that you’ve worked with similar companies or in similar industries before. Different types of businesses or people can have very different security needs. By showing you have experience with these businesses, you are proving that your expertise aligns with what the client needs. Don’t be afraid to get specific when asked questions like these: Describe the types of events that your security firm has successfully managed in the past, and the types of locations that your guards are used to working with. Be as discrete as you can when talking about your company’s history, but make it clear that you have the experience the client is looking for.

3. What Site-Specific Security Training Have Your Guards Had?

This question is closely related to the previous one. Here is an excellent time to dig into the type of training your guards must go through. Top-level clients are looking for specific training for the type of businesses they own, or situations they expect to be a problem. They also want to make sure that your training goes above and beyond state requirements. If you’re not sure what exactly a client is looking for, ask them for specific examples as a lead-in to talk about how your guards are trained.

This also ties into growing needs for site assessment for retail and supply chain management. This is a great area to specialize in if you are interested in drawing in more clients.

4. What Exactly Am I Paying For?

These questions mean that the client wants a breakdown of costs, tiers, and also some indication of general financial solvency. Have a guide that clearly explains your different fee packages, and why they cost different amounts. Include any information on discounts for hiring a certain number of guards, or other ways that clients can save. If higher costs are specifically paying for additional expertise or technology, make sure you make this clear. If some services are provided at no additional cost, it makes sense to mention those, too.

5. What Uniform Options Do You Provide?

This may seem like an odd question, but it’s surprisingly common for high-level clients. This is because security guards may be called upon to attend many different events. Sometimes wearing suits will be very important. Sometimes blending into the crowd in plain clothes will be vital. The client wants to know that your guards are ready for a wide variety of situations and will always look as professional as necessary.

6. How Can You Guarantee Privacy?

Clients that ask this question want reassurances about your discretion. Make sure you can fully explain your guarantee to privacy, how your company may handle awkward situations, and how you protect and delete any security data that you may gather.

7. What Backup Can You Provide for a Situation?

This question is closely related a similar and common query: How many licensed guards do you have in my city? Both are essentially asking the same thing – what support do you provide when guards need backup? How many guards can you send to a scene or situation if necessary? How large of a business or event can you easily manage? Be clear and honest with your replies, and describe what a backup scenario would look like.

8. What Real-Time Technologies Do You Use?

Real-time technology is a newer best practice in the security guard industry that uses the latest tech to insure the best possible response rates. This includes technology like GPS, security cams, bodycams, and fully integrated apps for immediate communication. Clients want to know that you provide extra-fast response and can guarantee excellent awareness of a site: Real-time technology is one of the best ways to prove this.

9. What Is the Point of Contact Relationship Like?

Clients with this question want to know who they will be in contact with, directly. They want to know that there’s always someone to they can talk to about questions, new plans, sudden changes, emergencies, etc. – preferably at any time. Show them your relationship management skills and what they can count on their point of contact to provide.

Prepare to answer questions like these, and you will be ready to impress the most demanding clients. This is a great way to win more business in your region – and to develop a reputation for being one of the best. If your business includes a strong digital presence, think about creating an FAQ that answers such questions directly on your website for people researching security services. You won’t regret being ready with the right answers!

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