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Strategies for Finding Alarm Installation Projects

The Newest Strategies for Finding Alarm Installation Projects

Are you looking to expand your installation and monitoring services this year? As 2021 has gone on, we’ve seen the rise of several strategies for gaining more clients and offering more projects with wider appeal. Let’s take a look at some of the successful strategies, and if they’re a good fit.

Partnering with Property Management Companies

The rental industry is certainly in an interesting place right now, but one thing is certain: This is a great time for landlords to look into upgrading their security systems, adding new security to rentals, and fixing any flaws in older systems.

Contacting individual landlords to offer services can be time consuming and tricky from an advertising perspective, but there is an alternative: Installers should take a look at property management companies in their area, the services they offer, and if they need any alarm work done for their own landlord clients.

Businesses should consider putting together an advertising package specifically designed for property management. It should include contact information, introductory emails, and how property managers can go about getting quotes for projects.

Working with Businesses for Touchless Controls

Last year we talked about how touchless controls and access points were being a more attractive option for a variety of businesses (especially in the hospitality industry). A lot of that was in response to COVID-19 measures and looking for ways to help reduce chances of spreading germs in general.

As the Delta and Omicron variants of COVID continues to cause problems, touchless security systems remain as popular as ever. Consider focusing on advertising touchless components and upgrades as a way to avoid having customers or employees make contact with surfaces. There are a lot of inventive options available, including wave-to-open sensors and security fob wearables that don’t need to be touched to work.

Offering Surveillance Upgrades for Older Systems

Video cams are more affordable and more versatile than ever before. A growing number of owners, both commercial and residential, are considering adding surveillance equipment or installing a new system that focuses on security cameras. Surveillance packages are a great way to tap into this. Make sure to highlight the different solutions that cams can offer, from keeping an eye on company back rooms to video doorbells that can watch for strangers or porch pirates.

Providing AI Video Technology for Commercial Solutions

AI video technology has promising applications for businesses. If you can offer AI video upgrades, you can underline just how clients can benefit from this latest technology. Current examples include:

  • Adding radar detection and multispectral imagery to get a look beyond simple video.
  • Detecting electric arcs and other issues – something that can be used to monitor remote power grids or other energy management areas.
  • Object detection, like the ability to detect packages vs. people. vs. cars, etc. – something Google’s latest Nest Doorbell can do, among others.
  • Detecting how foot traffic moves throughout a store for better layout understanding.
  • Automatically monitoring social distancing, mask wearing, and similar behaviors.

Unifying Platforms for More Complex Systems

Some businesses, especially in the retail sector and similar fields, have been investing in security and alarm tech for many years. Over time, this can create a new kind of problem – juggling multiple platforms for different aspects of security.

This has created demand for installers to come in and unify the systems under a single platform for security cameras, access control, fire alarms, etc. This is a great way to advertise new systems while offering a solution to a problem that may have been frustrating stores for a long time now.

Alarm Installation for Seniors

We have talked about aging in place trends before, and how they are a boon to the smart home industry. One specific aspect of aging in place is installing the right kind of security systems, ones that offer monitoring options for the safety of seniors as well as protecting homes and buildings from external problems. It’s a good idea for installers to create an aging in place package just for these needs. Solutions can include floor monitors to detect falls, medical-friendly monitors and alarms, two-way audio communication options, and much more.

Smart Home Packages for More Residential Automation

The smart home is incredibly accessible today, and many homeowners are wondering what they can do to add more to their security system or solve a specific safety concern. They may be curious how Google Assistant or Alexa can integrate with devices. Others may want to know how they can add total protection to address a recent safety concern. Don’t underestimate how well modern smart features and alarm installation can work together.

Future Market Growth

In addition to finding new opportunities right now, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on future market growth and make sure your business understands the risks and benefits of new projects. One case we are continuing to follow is 5G-enabled alarm systems, and what upgrades they may provide. As always, we’ll keep you updated on the latest news, what to be aware of in the alarm industry, and how changes are affecting the best practices for your business!

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