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Value of a Professional Security System

How to Advertise the Added Value of a Professional Security System

A frequent challenge that security and alarm companies face is convincing potential customers that the value they add is worthwhile. This is particularly true in such a competitive industry where people may be looking at several similar offerings, and even truer when there’s also a DIY side of the market to consider.

Do you have content that specifically shows the added value your alarm installation company brings to the table? Do you make an effort to show people that paying for your services is worthwhile – and indeed, that you offer more than other, similar businesses? Let’s talk about some of the best ways to demonstrate this added value on your website and promotion materials after you’ve got the basics down.

Discuss Access Point Analysis

Access points refer to the ways that people can gain access to a building, home or system. Poor access point protection allows unauthorized people inside, making that location vulnerable to theft. Sometimes these are windows, or doors without security locks, or alleys with poor lighting – and so on. One valuable service that experienced security companies offer for more complex locations is access point analysis, where they explain the different access points to owners, and make suggestions on the best ways to protect each point.

The problem we see is that many security companies don’t do much to advertise what is actually a very valuable service that shows just why professional installations are so important (especially for business owners). A significant section of your site should be set aside to explain access points and the expert analysis that your company can provide when putting together an installation plan. This is a great place to use video and other types of visual aid to explain what you are talking about, and what a complete plan looks like.

Organize Your Pricing to Show What You Provide

Pricing tiers can be nebulous and quotes only provide information after a lead has taken the next step to becoming a customer. So how does an alarm company provide good information on pricing? Think like your clients and organize your pricing the way that they think about expenses. Effective ideas can include:

  • A monthly pricing chart that shows all services you provide month to month (this can easily be included in tier pricing information)
  • Breaking down costs for maintenance, storage, and response for security hardware
  • Including testing and inspection as initial services instead of lumping it into one payment
  • Differentiating higher-tier services, like central stations for monitoring, from less effective practices

This makes it easier for leads to make decisions, and can also help protect your company from legal issues down the road.

Price Comparisons with Other Subscription Services

Make cost comparisons with services that your leads are already familiar with. The goal here is to contextualize the cost of a monitoring plan or similar service with other expenses. For example, a security company may want to mention something like, “Our home protection plan only costs as much as streaming service like Netflix – but we provide safety instead of entertainment,” or “Your business may already spend more than $10 per user for services like Office 365. Our security monitoring plan will keep your data safe for a much lower fee.”

The goal here is to find favorable comparisons with everyday expenses that leads are already used to. This can make them feel more comfortable with choosing a monitoring plan that fits in their budget.

Spend Time on Use Cases

While the general idea of alarm installation and monitoring is easy to convey, security companies should take time to talk about specific use cases and how clients in these situations can benefit. Give examples that resonate with the visitors to your site. This could include:

  • Alarm installations for landlords that want to offer protection for tenants but need a reliable system and maybe some advice on rental leases
  • A small business that keeps a cash box in the central office but doesn’t have enough security to prevent thieves
  • A hospitality business worried about liability after a couple of past incidents, looking for security devices that will make a difference

Tell little “stories” like this to get people thinking about how alarm services offer direct benefits to their own situations.

Mention Insurance and Seller Benefits

Not enough alarm installation companies do this! These are both great long-term benefits that businesses should be quick to mention. First, explain that the right security services can make homes and businesses eligible for a discount on their insurance – a discount that can help pay for monitoring services, too!

Second, mention that high-quality alarm installations can make selling a property easier and may even ad to the intrinsic value.

Focus on Any Specialties

Do you have particular experience working with a certain industry or type of business? Talk about it! This may be worth an entire landing page if your experience helps set you apart from your competitors. Talk about your knowledge of industry regulations, what certain businesses need, and other valuable examples.

The same is true of any product specialties you may have (smart home installations, etc.) or any offerings that are particularly well suited for your community/location (like flood sensors in areas with lots of sump pumps, etc.). It’s not enough to just mention these areas of expertise in passing, they need to be core parts of your value offering.



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