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The Right Places to Advertise Your Security Business

Are You Advertising Your Security Guard Company in These Important Places?

Looking to pick up more clients for your security guard company? Finding the right places to advertise your business should be a top priority – and it can be more complicated than just taking out an ad in the Yellow Pages. In today’s competitive security industry, advertising in the right places is more important than ever…and we have the top spots you should be marketing in to really see a difference.

Trade Shows

Trade shows can be an excellent option for advertising security guard services to new clients – and we aren’t just talking about security-related trade shows, either. All trade shows have businesses that are making plans for the future, creating their own events, or getting ready to expand their presence. These businesses (even if they haven’t thought about it yet) may well need their own security services in the future, and this becomes obvious at a trade show.

Take advantage of this environment by advertising your own security guard company at nearby shows, with an eye on companies that need protection for future events or projects. Even if you can’t rent a booth of your own – which is fine – look for ways you can post flyers or provide other marketing information at your local venues.

Google My Business

Google My Business is an online profile platform, a digital directory that’s created by Google itself and tied into other Google services…including the Google search engine. If you want to show up when people Google security guard companies in your area, then you need to have a presence on Google My Business. Simply filling out this profile can make a big difference! Be sure to include all important information about your business, including the specific security services you offer, what kind of guards you can provide, guard training, available hours, and more.

Visuals are also an important part of Google My Business, so try to include photos of your business and employees. The service also allows you to analyze traffic that visits your profile so you can see how successful it is over time and what people are searching for to find your company.


While large security guard jobs are exciting and a big win for your company, don’t forget about smaller clients that will help bring in reliable income. A great place to advertise to these clients is in their own neighborhoods. Many residential areas have mailbox areas or posts where you can take flyers, leaflets, and other materials so nearby homeowners will see them. If nothing else this helps raise brand awareness in your community and can lead to more recommendations. There’s also a chance that the neighborhood association itself may be interested in a security contract for street patrols or similar services.

The Right Social Networks

Social networks may seem like an odd place to advertise a security guard company. The secret is in the excellent ad targeting that social platforms provide, which allows you to target ads to very specific groups of people or businesses…and the cost per click of ads on social media tends to be significantly lower than buying ads on a platform like Google.

If you have defined your target audience – an excellent practice for any business – then you should have a good idea what social platforms they are using. LinkedIn can be especially effective for security guard marketing, but you may want to look into Facebook’s ad services as well.

Hotels and Airports

One of the challenges with security guard marketing is finding what Google once called the “Zero moment of truth” or where people make their ultimate purchasing decisions. Shopping around for security guards isn’t like many other industries in that regard! But one of the closest things the industry has to a “moment of truth” is at hotels and airports: These are places where people and businesses are moving quickly, making plans, and starting or adjusting events. If they have a sudden need for security services, they need them now.

That makes these locations prime spots for advertising your company. Create a marketing presence in these spaces with flyers, booths, and digital ads. Just finding a spot on a counter to leave your cards could bring in new clients!

Local SEO

Google My Business is one way to increase your presence with local searchers, but there’s a lot more you can do. Local SEO is about content that mentions your community and your contact information frequently, so Google knows to display them in search results. Make sure that your website and any online profiles that you have include your NAP, or name, address, and phone number, along with email, website, and any other important contact information.


Trade magazines remain a great option for advertisements, an effective way to reach business decision makers and others who may need security guard services for their latest plans. Consider which industries supply your best clients and think about advertising in some of their popular local magazines and journals. You don’t have to plan on taking out full page ads, but having a presence in these publications can reach the people most likely to make a security guard decision.

Remember, when choosing where to advertise, some options will take longer to show results than others. A long-term advertising program that includes regular optimization is always a good idea! For more examples of how to market effectively, remember to review our other security guard industry articles.

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