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The Best Smart Home Devices for Upselling a Security Package

Upselling refers to convincing buyers to purchase additional products that enhance or supplement their original purchase. It’s a common approach when selling security and alarm systems, and has become even easier in today’s integrated world of smart devices where one platform can monitor and manage so many different products at once.

The core of a modern security system tends to include sensors, sirens, and security cams or video doorbells, often with a hub for arming the system, and a Wi-Fi connection for alerts or professional response. But what smart devices make the best option for upselling to buyers who are only interested in this core set of features? These are the best products to start with.

Smart Garage Sensors

Smart garage sensors attach to garage motors and track whether or not the garage door is open, and when it has been opened in the past. It also typically allows users to close or open the garage door from a distance no matter where they are. This provides an excellent security addition for anyone who stores important equipment in a garage, or for garages that are connected to homes and could provide potential access for burglars.

The key issue with these sensors is compatibility. Today’s garage sensors may not work on garages over 10 years old. It’s also important to make sure they work with the alarm platform that will be installed in the house, or that clients are all right with a separate app for control. Businesses may also be interested in garage sensors if there is a garage door on the premises that protects supplies, workshops, or other areas.

Water Leak Sensors

Water leak sensors are small contact sensors designed to sit on the bathroom floor, in the laundry room, in underground basements, or similar areas. If enough moisture gathers to form an electrical connection in the sensor, it sounds an alert and sends a notification that flooding may be happening in the space.

These leak sensors can help protect against incidental damage from overflowing appliances, spot flooding from burst pipes, or alert owners about other issues. They may also be able to turn on sump pumps or contact authorities so that users can take further action if necessary. It may be a good investment in areas prone to floods or similar risk situations.

Gas Leak Sensors

Gas leak sensors are similar to water leak sensors, but they detect leaks from natural gas, propane, or similar substances. They can be placed in areas where gas tanks are located or positioned near gas lines to detect if something goes wrong. These sensors may have more commercial applications than residential, but can be an important safety feature for either system type.

Smart Smoke/CO2 Detector

These smart smoke and fire detectors are becoming a popular retrofitting choice and a great pick for upselling when installing a new security system. They function similar to past alarms, but can also send alerts to mobile devices when owners aren’t currently at home or at the business. They also tend to have useful features like detecting when batteries are low and need to be replaced. One of the best examples on the market is the Nest Protect, but as always, compatibility remains a key consideration.

Smart Light Bulbs

Smart light bulbs can have excellent synergy with an alarm system. Smart security devices can send alerts and activate sirens on their own, but lighting options aren’t always built-in. Smart light bulbs can connect to security systems and turn on when motion sensors or other alerts are activated. This can help scare away burglars, give cameras better views, and draw attention to the area.

Smart bulbs are also one of the most common smart devices available, and there are versions that can fit in nearly any socket or interior/exterior space. This makes them a particularly effective add-on to offer for a broad number of installation projects.

Amazon Echo Devices

Amazon Echos are smart speakers with built-in Alexa voice assistant functionality. Alexa has some of the best compatibility options for security systems, allowing users to arm/disarm or activate devices with simple voice commands. A smart display like the Echo Show line can also tap into security cams and show a live feed to viewers for quick checks.

Echos also have the Alexa Guard function, which allows the speaker to listen for warning sounds like breaking glass, smoke alarms, or human noise when no one should be home. Alexa can then send a warning directly to the user’s phone and allow them to tap into the speaker to initiate conversation or contact the authorities.

The challenge is connecting with a vendor that partners with Amazon and can sell Echo devices: Amazon does partner with various suppliers and brands (Target and Lowes, for example), but has been slow to offer Echos to alarm monitoring companies thus far.

Geolocation Tags

These smart tracking tags can be attached to cars, backpacks, laptops, and even pets. More advanced versions allow users to set up geofences, so they get alerts when the tag crosses a specific boundary. This allows users to keep track of equipment or loved ones, especially when they aren’t where they are supposed to be. An alternative is a basic driveway sensor, which sends alerts when anyone is approaching the property.


Upselling doesn’t have to be direct, and devices like these can be suggested on a client-by-client basis. When possible, offering a broad selection on your website can also help customers understand their options and customize a system that addresses their risks directly. Certain locations and climates may also benefit more from some sensor add-ons than others. Remember, to put together the best package for a customer, it’s important understand all available options, and what platforms they are compatible with!

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