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Winter Recommendations All Alarm Installers Should Be Making

Winter Recommendations All Alarm Installers Should Be Making

When winter and the holidays approach, it becomes more common for commercial owners and homeowners to think about their security systems, fire alarms, and overall safety. It’s an effective time for installers to start offering discounts or consultations on potential upgrades.

Clients may be interested in changes that help reduce theft, cut their liability risk if things go wrong, and meet the latest safety standards. If your installation company is contacted, do you know what sort of winter recommendations you would make? Let’s take a look at suggestions for upgrades that will please clients while inviting new business.

Smarter (and Wired) Smoke Alarms

Increased use of heaters, more people staying indoors, big cooking projects…it’s no surprise fire alarms sound off when winter arrives. Best practices advise businesses and homeowners to check their smoke alarms around Daylight Savings Time and replace batteries to make sure they are functioning properly.

That gets annoying, especially for larger systems. This is a good time to recommend smart smoke and fire alarms that can notify users when their batteries need to be replaced. You may consider advising owners to switch to wired fire alarm systems too, especially if your state regulations already required wired alarms for new construction. Many states are working to phase out battery-powered smoke alarms, so switching to a wired system now could help reduce any compliance issues in the future.

Beat Back Porch Pirates

Porch pirates are a growing problem, and not just for residential areas: Businesses receiving plenty of packages over the holiday period are also at risk of theft or unlawful entry. If this is an increased concern for a client, it’s time to talk about extending security cam coverage to specifically target this problem. Video doorbells are a frequent solution for homes with relatively few downsides, although installation will vary based on the type of doorbell. Installing security cams to doors and shipping areas can also help businesses discourage package theft. Add in motion-triggered floodlights and similar security measures is also an easy way to cut down on theft.

Upgrades for Cold Weather Outages

We’ve already seen how unexpected cold weather can wreak havoc on a wide variety of systems, and security systems are no exception. Wired systems will typically lose power if there is a widespread outage. A power outage like this can also increase the risk of theft and property damage, especially for vulnerable businesses.

If a client expresses concern about this type of cold weather disaster, it’s time to talk about implementing back-up power options for the security system. These can include back-up batteries for smaller systems, or generators and UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) solutions for larger systems.

Owner-based alerts are also important for these systems because a widespread outage will often knock out communication abilities with monitoring stations even after power is restored. Cell phone contacts are less likely to be knocked out than landlines, so cell-based monitoring connections are also a best practice for these conditions.

Controlling Temperatures

Winter is also one of the best times to begin recommending smart thermostats. A smart thermostat can precisely regulate temperatures throughout the day and respond to environmental factors, including sensing whether or not people are present. This helps owners save money while reducing temperature-related problems. While smart thermostats are often targeted at residential areas, don’t underestimate their value for commercial buildings. These thermostats are excellent at dealing with shifting work hours or complex employee schedules and can be controlled from afar via app, giving business owners plenty to appreciate.

Alerts for Freezing Pipes

If you offer additional smart device installation, your business may want to think about including leak detectors. Frozen pipes – especially in buildings that aren’t prepared for them – can be a devastating winter phenomenon that may lead to massive amounts of property damage. It can be difficult to detect when pipes freeze, but leak sensors can help send immediate alerts if pipes do burst and start leaking inside. This allows owners to immediately shut off the water supply and take measures to prevent damage.

Don’t Forget About Maintenance

Does your installation service also offer maintenance plans? This is a great time to recommend them, too. Many of the systems we’ve discussed here, like fire alarms and generators, need regular maintenance to stay in shape. Talk with clients about how maintenance is important and what sort of maintenance needs they can expect. Go into detail about what needs to be done so it’s clear that this is a necessary service, not overselling.


There’s no reason to be afraid of winter weather conditions with the right security setup. Installers should directly address concerns with professional advice on how to deal with package theft, winter power outages, and increased risk from fire hazards. This provides plenty of opportunities to suggest system upgrades or new solutions that will provide the protection that clients want. It’s also an excellent time of year to consider discounts or bundles for specific kinds of security installations.

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