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Mobile Apps for security guards

Top 5 Mobile Apps for Security Guards

Today’s professional security guards are tasked with navigating an ever-evolving industry. With the rise of cybercrime and vulnerabilities in virtual premises comes an increasing client demand for security services that can juggle detailed monitoring in multiple dimensions simultaneously.

What this adds up to is an increasing need for and reliance on digital tools, and the following list highlights apps especially well-suited to serve as tireless digital security assistants.


  • Cost: $7.99
  • Works with: iPhone and iPad
  • Get it here: Notability

For security guards, the need to capture larger volumes of information in a minimum of time makes Notability a perfect virtual assistant. Incorporate photos, handwritten scribbles, typed notes, audio comments, sketches and more into one all-inclusive PDF report.

Notability also syncs with email, Google Drive and Dropbox.


  • Cost: Free (with paid upgrades as needed)
  • Works with: iPhone and iPad, Android, Windows
  • Get it here: Evernote

Evernote is a time-tested Android/Windows alternative to Notability. Evernote offers options to capture notes, evidence and photos that can be saved and sent via email or Google Drive.

The passcode also makes it extra-secure for saving sensitive data.


  • Cost: Free
  • Works with: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
  • Get it here: Alarmed

Nothing is more frustrating when on the job (or off it) than having to continually answer to a variety of beeps and alarms from various places. Alarmed simplifies this so you can keep your eyes and ears focused on your surroundings. You can set a variety of alarms to handle everything from timed breaks to shift start/end to count downs, location alerts, checklists and more.

The NagMe feature is particularly useful if an alert sounds while you are busy – it won’t let you forget. The Siri sync feature lets you create new alerts while on the go.

Family Locator by Life360

While this app was initially designed for family members to track one another, the app also offers a wealth of relevant tools for security guards. You can set the app up to track shift mates, co-workers and/or clients. The app permits two-way check-ins, crash detection, team-only privacy controls, arrival/departure alerts and chats for extra security. Tasks become simple with shared to-do lists.

Perhaps most pertinently, there is an in-app panic button for emergency situations.


  • Cost: Free
  • Works with: iPhone and iPad (with Apple Watch app option)
  • Get it here: ATracker

ATracker keeps the administrative aspect of being a professional security guard to a minimum. Hate tracking time? Let ATracker do it for you. Dread compiling activity logs? ATracker is on it. You can even create reminder alerts and sync the app with your calendar so you never forget a meeting or deadline.

And when it comes time for performance reviews, wow your supervisor and clients with colorful pie chart reports you can share via your email program.

Do you have more app suggestions that you love to use? We’d love to hear it! Find us on Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter and share your own tips for getting business from the internet.

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