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The Role of Security Guard Services in a Digital Age

The Role of Security Guard Services in a Digital Age

Despite the prevalence of digital technologies in the world, security services continue to grow year by year.

In 2017 the security industry boasted over $89 billion dollars globally. The US alone accounts for nearly 24% of all security guard services.

Part of this industry boom comes from the need for more security to protect the increasing wealth and status of corporations and individuals.

In several countries, private security outnumbers police forces. Protecting valuable assets predates police forces and will likely outlast them as well.

Security Guard Service Roles

The roles of security guards have changed over the years. They will continue to change. Security guard services require constant updates to knowledge pools as legal statuses change.

Security guards also continue to work in high danger situations knowingly and bring that sense of responsibility to the job.

Unlike machines, people can think on their feet and adapt on the fly to new and changing situations. This, among other reasons, will be why security services will always need human elements.

Let’s check out the following roles that can be assisted by digital components. Each of these benefits from modern technology but ultimately lies in the hands of trained and talented security guards.

The best part of working with physical security guards, they fill each of these roles. Though you may look to hire specialized services, cross-training and re-training mean many guards will be skilled in all of these roles.

Versatility may not be listed as a role here, but it is certainly an attribute worth having.

Perimeter Security

Walking a premier requires dedication to detail and ability to put patterns of information together.

Perimeter security requires knowing the area well enough to spot trouble quickly from context clues. Also how to best navigate the area tactically when trouble occurs. Security cameras may help to monitor multiple areas at once, but they can be outsmarted by their limited fields of view.

The increasingly common use of drones creates a problem. From the sky, criminals gain thorough imaging of facilities they want to breach. Being able to spot the difference between an errant drone and someone trying to gain sensitive information is a human call

A call camera isn’t built to make.

Security guards watch for common people that may be found around the perimeter. They determine if an individual has steady business in the area or are casing the place.

Concierge Security

When it comes to up-close and personal security guard services, humans have all the benefits.

Working in parties or at a hotel, a security guard must be keen to protect the privacy of guests as much as their physical well-being. Cameras and sensors don’t provide a necessary function of knowing when to leave the room or to standby.

Guests also feel far more comfortable with people around looking after their well-being. Having physical staff on hand provides a sense of comfort in case of sudden attack or bad actors.

Security for an outdoor or impromptu event will also require more boots on the ground. Cameras and monitoring devices may be able to aide in a few key areas, such as entry points, but will do little to cover a sprawling area.

Many hours of research and data go into the proper and economic placement of digital security devices. Hours that many events held in disparate locations simply don’t have.

Employee Security

In a similar sense, security guards will always have work moving in and around employees and keeping them safe. Employees in a company need to focus on their work and not be distracted by problems.

Security personnel do a magnificent job keeping agitated employees from lashing out. They know when to step in and de-escalate a situation.

Services at checkpoints such as metal detectors near entrances also provide a sense of safety. Employees work better knowing others aren’t armed. Nobody wants to think of what could happen if someone is suddenly fired or given a negative performance report.

Finally, employee security gets to know the staff of a company through interactions. They will be able to spot when someone seems to be having a bad day or when an employee behaves overall erratically.

Cameras and scanners may note that an employee is going into areas. However, they are unlikely to put together if the employee is being clandestine in gaining access to areas that are not needed for their job.

Asset Security

Cybercrime, despite its growing threat, happens rarely in comparison to other threats. Protecting physical assets will continue to be the purview of security guard services.

Cybercrime relies on gaining access to smaller data before bigger data. Well-instructed employees can help. Physical security guarding trash bins and discarded materials is a must.

Cybercriminal needs to go through efforts to get access to data digitally. It would be much easier for them to simply walk in a door and copy all the information manually. That is why physical security does a necessary job protecting assets from internal and external threats.

Security guards services have also expanded to include many classes and instructional training in cyber and digital security. So, the same people who protect the area know how to spot trouble in the digital world.

Security guards also work to keep assets protected from non-man-made dangers. Security on-site can react to issues with fires, weather, or evacuations in case of earthquakes.

Stay Protected

With the presence of security guard services stronger now than ever, it is important to stay up on all of the trends in the industry. We have a news and insights page dedicated to disseminating important information in this regard. We also offer information on other aspects of business.

Get started with our FAQ and learn more about what we do. Not all insurance products are created equally. Find out what you need to know to protect your assets.

The world may be filled with challenges but it is also filled with solutions. Don’t plan for the latter without protecting yourself from the former. Check out specialized insurance knowledge and products.

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