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Part 3: Mobile Surveillance: Dangers, Pitfalls, and Liabilities- The Top Common Mistakes Made by PIs and How to Avoid Them

[CLICK HERE FOR PART 1] Mobile Surveillance: Dangers, Pitfalls and Liabilities [CLICK HERE FOR PART 2] Mobile Surveillance: The Fine Line Between Legal and Illegal Surveillance   There are two ways to become an expert in your career as a Private Investigator. The first way is to learn by trial and error...that is, if [...]

Private Investigator Records Double Murder While on a Separate Case

Laratio Lorenzo Dantzler has been described as "evil" and a "cold-blooded killer." The jury who convicted him spent less than one hour in deliberations before returning to mete out the maximum possible sentence for a double homicide crime. But justice might not have been possible in this case were it not for the timely presence [...]

Portland Security Guard and Company Liable for Woman’s Suicide?

August 3, 2015, was a very difficult day for a diverse group of people. On that day, Juana Elena Valdez committed suicide by falling from the roof of the 27-story Standard Insurance Center building. On that day, 20-year-old Security Guard, Tyler Davis Benson, tried to stop Ms. Valdez and failed. On that day, many onlookers [...]

Security Guard and Robbery Suspect Exchange Gun Fire

Working in the Security Industry has its perks. It also has its pitfalls. On the plus side, Guards are often permitted the option of training for and carrying a firearm while on duty. On the minus side, one day on the job it may become necessary to use that firearm against another human being. Such [...]

Guns in Schools? How Security Guard Professionals Need to Prepare

The deadly Sandy Hook elementary school massacre happened on December 14, 2012. Since that time, 221 additional shootings have occurred at campuses across the nation. While we all might wish this was just some horrifying mass hoax, sadly, it is all too real. Thus far, reactions from teachers, students, parents, administrators, legislators and law enforcement [...]

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Women in the Security Industry: Changing the Narrative

There was a time when the number of women working professionally in the Security Industry was zero. Today, the estimate hovers somewhere around 10 to 11 percent, according to Forbes. Considering that women occupy approximately 50 percent of professional jobs in most other fields, further growth in the Security Guard Industry can certainly be predicted, [...]

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Part 2: Mobile Surveillance: Dangers, Pitfalls, and Liabilities- The Fine Line Between Legal and Illegal Surveillance

[CLICK HERE FOR PART 1 Mobile Surveillance: Dangers, Pitfalls, and Liabilities] As a Private Investigator, you are paid to get information. The better you become at getting information for your clients, the more successful you are likely to become in your career. But if all that was required of you was to get the information, [...]

Security Guard in Fatal Bank Robbery Shooting [VIDEO]

For security guard and former police deputy Brian Harrison, the New Year started out with a bang - several bangs, to be exact. On Friday, January 20, 2017, Harrison was at his usual post, working as a Metro Enforcement security guard for Alpine Bank in Rockford, IL. It was a laid-back day, and Harrison kept [...]

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Mobile Surveillance: Dangers, Pitfalls, and Liabilities

Professionals working as Private Investigators today enjoy a strong career outlook in a constantly evolving field with ever-expanding job opportunities. A "day in the life" of a Private Investigator often includes great diversity, from in-office research to field work to giving courtroom testimony. This last aspect is one reason why it is so important to [...]

Top 5 Security Guard Myths

Most people don't really know what a Security Guard does on a day to day basis. But this doesn't prevent them from inventing their own ideas for a Security Guard's job description. In this post, learn five of the top myths people believe about Security Guards. Myth 1: Security Guards are Hired for Their Brawn. [...]

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