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Best Practices for Security Guards Preventing Property Damage

2020 has certainly been an interesting year for security guards. COVID lockdown requirements led to new opportunities and social distancing posed new challenges. Then waves of protests over mask wearing, police brutality, racism, statues and more swept across the nation, leading to all new security concerns. It’s no surprise that private business owners have become [...]

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Is Your Alarm Company Recommending Two-Way Audio in the Right Spots?

Two-way audio and mics (also known intercoms, two-way talking, walkie-talkie features, etc.) have grown to become a vital technology in the alarm industry. These devices, frequently paired with security cams but also available independently, allow owners to talk through the device as well as listen, and may even let them record audio. Once a circumstantial [...]

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Private Investigators and the New Rise of Work-From-Home Fraud

It may not surprise you that 2020’s tumultuous changes have led to significant new business practices, particularly remote work situations and work-from-home setups. More remote work solutions are being used to get around social distancing and lockdown issues created by COVID-19 – and they’re expected to last long after the virus is gone. But remote [...]

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How Alarm Installers Can Benefit from Retrofitting Laws

Alarm installers should always capitalize on local codes and regulations to help expand their business. One often-overlooked area is required retrofitting in your state: This happens when state legislatures update laws to require different types of alarms, alarms in new places, or key alarm upgrades in existing or new construction. It is important to be [...]

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PIs and Trespassing: How to Make Sure You are Following the Rules

All experienced PIs know that they have to stay within the lines – but trespassing can pose an especially rigorous temptation, especially if the information that a PI is after remains just out of reach. It’s why there are always ongoing cases about private investigates snooping on computers at a business to gather protected data [...]

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Everything to Know About the Growing Retail/Grocery Security Market

World events, now including both COVID-19 and protests, have led to rapid growth in several specific industries: One of them is security guard services for retail and grocery businesses, especially as people start returning in greater numbers. There is enormous new demand in this sector for any security company that can capitalize on it. But [...]

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Answering Questions About Video Doorbells and Privacy Laws for Worried Clients

The video doorbell and front door security cams have become an increasingly popular option in the growing alarm installation market. It’s clear why homeowners and some business owners like these devices: They’re an easy way to check on the door, see who is trying to gain entry, and spot potential “porch pirates” and other burglars [...]

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Cyber Investigator vs. Private Investigator: What You Should Know About Their Services

As our lives are increasingly connected to the digital world, the need for cyber specialization has grown everywhere – including private investigation services. Today you will see some PI businesses label themselves as "cyber investigators." But what does that mean, and how does it differ from someone calling themselves a "private investigator"? Let's take a [...]

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How to Advertise Guard Training for Your Security Guard Company

Do your clients know what your guards do? Security guard companies can spend a lot of effort advertising the business, but they should always remember that clients are primarily interested in the guards themselves, and what specific skills they offer – far beyond simply armed and unarmed. This is good news: It means that your [...]

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PI Interviews: Phone vs. In Person vs. Video Chat

The private investigator has three methods for direct interviews available today: Phone, in person, and video chat. Which method is best can depend on the situation and additional circumstances (lockdown orders from COVID-19, for example, are quickly changing PI interview strategies around the world these days). Let’s take a look at these options and their [...]

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