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Future Security Systems: Robot Security Guards

There is a fear that one-day robots will replace human jobs. This fear may be amplified by science fiction novels and Hollywood.  It’s definitely not an unrealistic fear today as more companies are finding ways to automate their processes in order to increase productivity and decrease financial waste. One analysis shows in 15 years 38% of the jobs in the U.S will be automated. This is in comparison to 30% in Britain, 35% in Germany and 21% in Japan.

In addition, we are living in an age where technology is advancing at an incredible rate. One person can dream up a concept one day and then make it a reality the next.

When it comes to the Security Industry the mention of Security Guard robots can stir up the anxiety of losing jobs in the future to automation. Companies such as Knightscope and SMP Robotics and Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD) are discovering opportunities in using their creativity and knowledge of technology to offer assistance and protection in the security industry. The robot manufacturers want to send the message they are here to help the industry and not look to replace human security altogether.

Meet the Security Guard Robots

Knightscope’s K1,K5 and K7 Models

Founded in 2013, Knightscope is one company paving the way for automated security solutions. The company has already created a stationary Security Guard robot in the K1 model which can scan for weapons and other objects and like the rest of the models, outfitted with microphones and video recording.  Next came the K5 which was a mobile version of the K1 that could patrol as well as scan on the move.

Most recently, Knightscope has unveiled the K7 robot seen in the video above. Similar to the K5 model it has the same sensor technology which can send back information to a human Security Guard or communication center. The biggest change is the look of the K7 as well as being faster and more versatile to navigating multiple terrains.

SMP Robotics and RAD’s S5 Model

Robotic Assisted Devices (RAD) and SMP Robotics together created and distributed the S5 Model of their Security Guard Robot seen in the video above. A recent merger with On the Move Systems will help both companies expand their technologies as well as expand their footprint in the market.

RAD’s S5 model is a mobile Security Guard robot equipped with sensors that can detect obstacles and objects in any kind of weather. The robot can follow a set route and run for 12 hours without needing a charge. The robot also has a 360-degree camera on top to capture all views while on patrol.

Benefits of Robot Security Guards

There isn’t much debate about the risks Security Guards face on a day to day basis. A Security Guard’s primary job is to deter crime. Security Guard robots could be used to help keep Security Guards safe using surveillance and patrolling areas without risk.

Here are some other reasons why the Security Guard robots can benefit security companies:  

  • Just like drones in the military, robot Security Guards can offer surveillance photos and video without any threat of harm or injury to a human Security Guard.
  • Robot Security Guards can continuously patrol without needing breaks and can help a Security Guard cover more ground
  • The presence of a Security Guard, especially an armed one, can incite violence and rebellion. This could test a human Security Guard’s own emotions whereas a robot Security Guard would not be affected by such things.
  • The short term and long term cost of a robot Security Guard are much lower than the wage of a human one. Robot manufacturers can rent their robots to companies for as low as $7 an hour.

Human Security Guard’s, however, can still outperform any Security Guard robot at the moment. A few examples being able to navigate almost any terrain efficiently, make split-second decisions and connect with other humans by offering empathy and sympathy. Security Guard robots also cannot detain individuals which a Security Guard human will frequently need to be ready for to control situations.

So it’s clear from these few examples at this time Security Guard robots cannot completely replace a human one. The robot has many physical and emotional limitations and is far from a perfect worker. In one such comical case, the robot may simply choose not to live in the world any longer and fall into a fountain.

As long as you don’t believe the robot will become self-aware and attack the Security Guard or others, having both patrolling at the same time may be the most cost-efficient, effective and safe solution for the Security Guard, company, and the public.

Future Security Protection

Robots need maintenance, humans need protection. Visit El Dorado Insurance Agency today and get a quote on Security Guard Liability Insurance. Purchase coverage for today and the future.

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