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An EEOC Guideline

An employment policy frequently applied by employers in the security services industry is to deny employment to a person convicted of a felony. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) agrees with the policy but only to a certain extent. The

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Kinesics is the study of body language and is based on the behavioral patterns of nonverbal communication. Body language can include any non-reflexive or reflexive movement of a part or all of the body. Such movements can be particularly revealing

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Service of Process

Service of process is a procedure used by a court (or administrative body) to inform a person that the court has legal jurisdiction over the person and instructs the person to respond in the manner specified. The commonly used documents

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Investigative Consumer Report

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) gave birth to the term “investigative consumer report.” The term means a consumer report or portion thereof in which information on a consumer’s character, general reputation, personal characteristics, or mode of living is obtained

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Collection of Latent Prints

Friction ridges on the underside of fingers, hands, toes and soles of the feet form unique patterns that may be found on surfaces of objects touched by a person of interest in a crime investigation. These unique patterns are almost

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False Info on Background Report

Susan Moreland applied to lease an apartment. The landlord was under contract with SafeRent to conduct criminal and financial background checks for applicants who wanted to lease an apartment. When the landlord received the report on Moreland from SafeRent, the

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Chain of Custody

Physical evidence that is received, recovered, discovered or collected in any manner by an investigator must be marked for identification without delay. The purpose of identification is to prove at a later date, such as during a trial, that the

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