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Did Apartment Complex Hire Known Sex Offender?

In the 20 years we have been serving our community, we have learned that in most states background checks are required for various types of employment. These can include security officers, law enforcement, teachers, and especially those offering child care

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Identity Theft Prevention

Identity theft is a tragic by product of the technology age. Social security numbers, addresses, dates of birth, etc. can be obtained by computer hackers or thieves stealing or finding a lost wallet. Since 2003, 11.7 million Americans have become

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Store Not Liable to Family of Slain Robber

In December of 2011, Jeremi Atkinson entered a grocery store through a side door leading up to the store manager’s office. He was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and black face mask. Atkinson encountered a female security guard upon climbing a

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Private Investigators Help Prevent Information Theft

A major concern of businesses, particularly businesses that use and depend on information, are concerned with theft of information assets such as technological discoveries, inventions, trade secrets, copyrights, strategic plans, planned mergers, acquisitions and many other forms of information critical

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What You Need to Know About Crime Insurance

What kinds of crime insurance should I purchase for my business and how much should I purchase? That’s an excellent question, and it’s a question that our customers ask frequently. There are several different types of crime insurance you should

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The Intentional Tort of Intrusion

Private investigators who conduct surveillance are often sued by the people they have watched. Examples of “watching” include: Watching persons or activities from a fixed location such as from an unmarked van in a motel parking lot. Tailing persons on

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An EEOC Guideline

An employment policy frequently applied by employers in the security services industry is to deny employment to a person convicted of a felony. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) agrees with the policy but only to a certain extent. The

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