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Consumers Look to Security Companies for Smarter Homes

The smart home isn’t a new concept, nor is it a passing trend. In fact, the homes of the future are here to stay, helping to protect your investments, reduce the amount of harm on the environment, and make living just a little bit easier with the click of a button.

It seems as though every alarm company is getting in on the smart home revolution, and it’s to the benefit of homeowners across the country. As such, we’d like to point out some of the players in the game and share some of the innovations they have created or are coming up with next.

Vivint – originally APX Alarm – is a security company founded in 1999, and launched the successfully comprehensive Vivint Sky Smart Home cloud system. This system paired with its proprietary Smart Home panel pushed its customer adoption rate to nearly 70 percent. This provided a platform for growth, and supports the mission the company adopts. Jeff Lyman, chief marketing officer, says of the company, “We believe in a comprehensive system. Access control and video are part of a larger package we provide for our customers who want a total experience in home automation and security.”

In moving forward on their strategy, a product set to hit the market next spring includes the Vivint Doorbell Camera. The camera syncs with the rest of the system while adding one of the newer products in security industry. “What people expect from residential security goes way beyond what it was even five years ago. People expect comprehensive services all in one,” says Lyman.

Another example of a company progressing with the trend of smart home security is A-COM Protection Services Inc. in Columbus, GA. As one of today’s largest family-owned companies in security, home and business automation companies in the state, they reached such status because they listened to their customers demand for burglar alarms, and the business took off from there. CEO Wayne Beck explains today’s current goals for the company, and the future of the industry is around home automation.

“Right now, we do install DMP panels for some clients when people want it for a specific area of their house, a jewelry closet or gun closet.[But] I think the advent of home automation is on us. People want to control their homes from anywhere — work, vacation spots, or even control the doors or their security systems from their phones.” An example of which, he pointed out, is that his clients are asking for “24/7 live-video monitoring.”

Other companies have jumped on a similar approach, such as Guardian Systems. General Manager for the company Dan Jarnagin says, “The idea of a ‘connected home’ that can be managed remotely via smartphone or website is still a fairly new concept for people in our area, but over the past few years it has really taken off.”

Do you agree with these business owners and managers? Is it really all about the connected home? Let us know in the comments below.


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