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Home Monitoring Goes DIY

Attracting the attention of consumers will forever be the challenge marketers will persevere to overcome. Understanding the ideal demographic, what kind of language draws them to a product, and what channels they are most likely going to find your brand on is something the best companies pay obscene amounts of money for. One particular class of people – the DIY homeowners.

The DIY business is booming. Pinterest, a web and mobile application company, was founded primarily of the idea of doing-it-yourself. The site features DIY tasks ranging from home improvement projects to gourmet recipes to even building your own mini-house. It is now one of the biggest social media sites and is still growing, all thanks to the attention of the DIY market. Additionally, entire television channels are now devoted to DIY adventures such as the DIY Network, which features DIY television shows like House Crashers and I Hate My Kitchen. These internet and television resources have helped homeowners bent on doing-it-themselves gain the tools they need to improve their lifestyles all by themselves. And in the wake, business owners have found a new place to make a profit.

Given that there is so much opportunity in this space – can home alarm companies get in on this demographic?

You bet. In fact, in a new effort by USA Central Station Alarm Corp and Videofield, the two companies have developed an offer that will allow their dealers to enter the DIY market. Even better, this offer comes with no investment to the dealer at all.

Says Kevin Jentoft, president of Videofield, “We created a way to package that so the average dealer can play in the self-install market. All they have to do as a dealer is promote their website…and accounts come in and they make money.” How it works is the dealer will receive a branded website from USA Central that showcases the neighborhood watch system. From there, Videofield ships the product to the homeowner to self-install.

“DIY cameras are everywhere…there’s going to be that moment somewhere down the line where we’re going to have to monitor for them,” says Tom Camarada, national sales executive for USA Central Station. “ So, it’s going to be service-on-demand, and we want to be that company.”

Other home security companies can also get into the DIY space in a similar manner, by offering products that allow homeowners to take control of their monitoring systems and install – and even monitor – themselves. This cuts the cost of installation as well as helps end users feel more comfortable having participated in working hands-on with the product. This can build brand loyalty given the heightened understanding of the product, and boost business for alarm companies overall.


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