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The Rise of Specialization Among Security Services

The Rise of Specialization Among Security Services

One of the most significant effects of the information age has been the rise of specialization and outsourcing. Before the ubiquity of the world wide web, a merchant had to do everything there is to do within their given field to remain competitive. They had to become the be and end-all of their industry. They had to do everything and do it better than the competition, and they had to make it all happen within four brick walls.

This need for what we might call ‘industry completeness’ is a huge burden. But, as organizations find they can do more with less, they also discover that they can go much further by specializing in a specific subcategory. When it comes to security, the opportunities for specialization are huge.

Rather than striving to be a jack of all trades, forward-looking security companies are focusing on one aspect of their client’s needs. This allows them to garner immense customer loyalty as they deliver higher quality services to unique clients. It also makes the job of branding much easier.

In 2013, the U.S. security industry was valuated at $350 billion in the United States alone according to ASIS press. ASIS President Geoff Craighead, said, “A heightened threat environment, among other factors, has stimulated rapid advancements and significant overall growth in technology and key services across the operational and IT security markets and increased the demand for knowledgeable, skilled workers at all levels within the security management structure.”

With today’s market trends, the best way to get the largest return is to specialize. Here, we will discuss some of the many security niche markets that are being rapidly filled in 2019.

Freelance Security Consulting

The field of security consulting is wide open to anyone with military or police experience and the paperwork to back it up. Often, charismatic individuals touting security know-how pose stiff competition to their corporate competitors. Forward-looking security consulting firms would do well to preemptively employ such individuals before they achieve contentious levels of brand recognition.

Custom Security Software Applications

With the rise of AI and machine learning, immense amounts of value can now be derived from CCTV security footage. In the past, investigators would have to watch hundreds of hours of uneventful footage just to find a small piece of evidence. Today’s video analysis software can pick out patterns and anomalies in minutes. This is just one example of how specialty security software is taking legacy security hardware and transforming them into information generating powerhouses.

Bullion Van Services

There will always be a need to securely transport legal tender, precious metals, and the like from one secure location to another. That means there will always be room for bullion van companies. As the industry has turned its attention toward all things digital, many bullion transport assets have fallen into disrepair. That can be expected to change as enterprising entities sense the opportunity in this area.

Gas and Petroleum Pipeline Security

Another often forgotten sector of the security world revolves around the need to secure long stretches of vulnerable gas pipeline. Gas and oil pipelines have always been a target for vandals. But in today’s politically tumultuous climate, pipelines are also targets for activist and terrorist groups both foreign and domestic. Petroleum companies that realize the danger are willing to divert more of their resources into securing these critical assets.

Security Services for Schools

Another product of today’s political and cultural stress points, the need for security in public schools has never been more clear, or more controversial. Considering the ongoing phenomenon of school shootings, the need to provide firearms trained and capable security personnel to schools is gaining recognition. Experts believe that non-police, private security professionals will be the go-to service type to provide a secure setting without imposing a law enforcement presence on school-aged children.

The Sale and Installation of Security Doors

Security door manufacturers and installers occupy a significant portion of the industry with a growing presence in domestic sales. As the economy improves, more Americans are looking to raise their security profile. This has led to the expansion of this once exclusively enterprise and government-oriented market to the realm of the consumer. Even without household sales, security doors will always be in high demand for stadiums, homes, offices and the like.

Smart Security Gadgetry

Numerous mobile tech and computer integrated security services have been around for several years now. But this industry niche is expanding with systems like the Ring motion activated telepresence security suite. These enable homeowners who are away to make it seem as if they are home with motion sensors, cameras, and voice projection capabilities. In time, it’s expected that novel web-integrated devices like these will dominate the domestic security field.

In Conclusion

The state of the security industry has always been downstream from technology and culture. As these change, so should security firms. By keeping an eye on these shifting niches, we can stay ahead of the curve.

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