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security guards in school

Security Guards in School Carrying Guns?

Security Guards in School Carrying Guns?

The deadly Sandy Hook elementary school massacre happened on December 14, 2012. Since that time, an average of 49 incidents occur every school year at campuses across the nation. While we all might wish this was just some horrifying mass hoax, sadly, it is all too real.

Thus far, reactions from teachers, students, parents, administrators, legislators and law enforcement professionals have been sharply divided between those who believe adding Armed Security Personnel will make students safer and those who believe more guns means more danger.

As a Security Industry Professional, you may be called upon to carry a firearm on campus or to provide Armed Security Guards for the purpose of campus security. This post will offer tips to help you prepare for the additional responsibilities and liabilities changing laws concerning Security Guards in school carrying guns.

Understanding Today’s Gun-Sensitive Political & Media Climate

As a Security Industry Employer, your role will be to ensure your staff of Armed Security Guards is adequately prepared to do their jobs well in a school setting.

Such preparation must reach beyond the basic Armed Security Guard training and licensure requirements in your particular state. This especially holds true if your state does not currently require state licensure for Security Guard. Your staff must also understand that, in today’s gun-sensitive political climate, any altercation between armed Security Guards and unarmed civilians can expect to receive top billing in that day’s press. Such coverage becomes super-charged when the setting is a school campus.

It goes without saying that such publicity is bad for your Security Company. The truth is, for every one mishap there may be 100 or 1,000 dedicated, hard-working and well-trained armed professionals working quietly in the field to keep people safe. But most of these heroes will go unsung while violators continue to capture the spotlight.

Preparing Your Security Guards for Their New Responsibilities

Regular firearms safety and user training on a staff-wide basis can ensure that your corps of Armed Security Guards is confident and well-prepared for that critical mass moment when they may need to draw their weapon on a school campus.

Communications and media training can equip your Security Guard Professionals with the verbal skills to navigate potentially explosive encounters with educators, parents or students or members of the media after an on-campus incident.

Legal liability education can teach your staff what they are and are not legally permitted to do when using a firearm on school property. This includes the possibility of working with educators who are carrying under private conceal and carry licenses.

Minimizing Corporate Liability

Security Company Insurance has, in previous years, been viewed as somewhat of a necessary evil – as most insurance products tend to be. In today’s increasingly violent culture, Security Company Insurance can spell the difference between becoming a public scapegoat for an on-campus incident and being able to afford to successfully defend your company’s integrity and business practices against rapidly changing gun control initiatives.

Call our professionals at El Dorado Insurance today and they will help to make sure your company is protected against the unexpected.

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