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Adopting Customer Service Skills in the Security Guard Sector

When Communication is Your Best De-Escalation Technique: Adopting Customer Service Skills in the Security Guard Sector

Security guard employment is expected to grow 6% by 2026. For security guard companies, this means the demand for security is growing and you need the best talent on your team.

But your security guards should serve more than protection. They need to be helpful to those they’re protecting and anyone else around them. What’s the best way to ensure this? Testing them on their customer service skills.

Including customer service in their training educates security guards on proper communication, how to help others, and other vital client-facing strategies.

Here are other ways why customer service is vital to security guard training and some skills they should know.

How Customer Service Is Integral in Security Guard Training

How often are your security guards taking down a bad guy or saving someone’s life?

While this is their core job, security guards also cross paths with many non-threatening people. It’s not surprising for these people to approach security guards.

These people may need help, such as inquiring about directions. Or may have a question about the establishment they’re protecting.

Even though security guards are on duty, they can at least maintain a positive attitude and can help anyone out, even if they simply refer them to someone else.

Protecting others is also not limited to looking for bad guys. What if a child is lost and can’t find their parents? Your security team can be the first ones looking for the parents but also comforting the child.

How do you know your security team can perform these additional roles? Highlight customer service skills in their training. Offer customer-facing situations and discover how your guards will react in those situations.

How Good Customer Service Will Benefit Your Security Firm

Are you still unsure your security firm needs to be customer-centric? Here are a few benefits of implementing customer service training when hiring security guards.

More Vigilance

Instead of serving as a distraction, connecting with customers inspires a security guard to be more vigilant. They not only look at surrounding people as customers, but they may recognize regulars and get to know them.

If they notice something bad or wrong with these people, they will be the first to take action.

Improved Appearance

One of the basic elements of customer service is a good appearance. This means the professional is clean and well-dressed. They will also take more care into the appearance of their workspace, picking up trash or any debris in their vicinity.

More Knowledge

Implementing customer care skills will create a more multifaceted role.

This is why your security guards will develop a wide range of knowledge. This knowledge includes how to treat people but also knowledge of the establishment they’re guarding and even knowledge of the surrounding areas.

Good Communication

Communication is key with any customer service line of work. This skill is more important for security guards than you think. They can exercise good communication with customers, being friendly and informative.

You’ll also notice this skill is useful when communicating with superiors. They can effectively describe any emergency or vulnerable situation and find ways to improve them.

They Can Better React to Dangerous Situations

Customer service skills not only benefit the non-threatening people. They’re also beneficial in a dangerous or emergency situation.

One of the core customer service skills is staying calm, especially if a customer is angry.

In a security guard’s case, an angry customer is someone who is dangerous. Still, a security guard can handle the situation in a calm and collective manner.

What if someone is injured? The security guard will jump at the situation but can calm those around them while they wait for emergency care.

Can Work in a Versatile Environment

Whether your guards are working at a university or a shopping mall, they have the security and customer service skills to handle any situation as well as any customer.

Customer Service Skills All Security Guards Should Know

Now that you know why your security guards need customer service skills, which skills should they learn? Here are the most useful customer service skills to teach them.


Security guards have to solve many complex problems and always know the best decision to make under harsh circumstances. These skills are integral for both good and bad situations.


This skill was mentioned previously but it’s essential to highlight its importance.

Communication includes face-to-face but also consistent communication through devices. Security guards should be friendly and calm but also vigilant with everyone around them.

Listening Skills

Great customer service entails more than just great communication.

Your security guards should also be great listeners. They will likely have many people approaching them with concerns and you will constantly approach your guards with different assignments and even critiques.

By developing good listening skills, your security guards will be able to extend care to many different people.

Putting Others First

Security is a selfless job. You’re putting yourself out there for the protection of others.

But there are other ways your security guards need to put others before them. Even if this is carrying a heavy object for someone else or accepting an assignment if another security guard can’t take it.

Making Eye Contact

The eyes don’t lie. Any smart security guard knows this. It’s why they’re great at making and maintaining eye contact. This ensures your security guards are always on alert and can read people well.

Eye contact serves a better purpose than just reading certain cues. For the non-threatening people, maintaining eye contact tells them your security guard is paying attention to them.

You Can Always Find Ways to Improve Your Security Business

From smiling more to communicating with superiors, customer service can benefit your security guard training. Overall, customer service skills serve as one of the many factors that keep your clients safe.

But you also have to find ways to safeguard your own business. Take a look at our security guard insurance.

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