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the future of security companies

The Future of Security Companies is Digital But is That Good?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows an overall big picture of a stable and rosy future for professionals in the Security Guard field. In other words, jobs are plentiful, job variety is sufficient, wages are growing at a rate of 6% annually, each year there are 9% more jobs than the year before, and wages can rise into the $50-60,000 range with experience.

However, as with any career path that intersects with law enforcement, there are pros and cons to consider. This article will review the industry’s major pros and cons of the Digital age and how it relates to the future of security companies.

Pros of a Digital Age Security Career

Here are three of the top benefits of choosing a Professional Security Guard career in this high-tech digital era.

1. There are infinite growth and learning opportunities for the digitally talented.

As this ComputerWorld magazine article highlights, aptitude and interest in all things digital can lead to any number of diverse and high-paying career paths. The truth is, the top earners in any field today will have digital technology skills. As well, the newest emerging career paths in Security are truly digital, securing intangible assets and online reputations while guarding sensitive financial and personal data.

2. There is safety in the digital world that you won’t find in a brick-and-mortar Security Guard career.

Digital Security Guards have protections unlike any a real world Security Professional might enjoy. With the help of digital technology tools, a modern-day Security Guard can detect and even forecast threats much more quickly and accurately and act to defuse them before anyone gets hurt.

Digital tools can also remove today’s Security Guards from the front lines in earnest by taking monitoring to a virtual level. This can relieve a Security Guard from having to carry a weapon on the job and instead focus efforts on earlier and more effective threat detection and neutralization.

3. Digital Security tools are here to stay.

In coming years, every industry will be increasingly impacted by the rise of digital technology. Seen from this light, there is everything to gain from getting in early and learning the new digital Security technology and putting it to work.

Cons of a Digital Age Security Career

Even with these rosy pros to lean on, there are also some new, significant drawbacks to choosing a Security career in the digital age.

1. A career in the Security field is still considered high risk.

Even with the wealth of new digital Security tools being developed and introduced, Security is still Security. As such, having access to digital technology has not cancelled out the risk of working in a potentially dangerous environment.

2. There is a lifelong continuing education requirement.

Digital technology in general represents a particularly fast-changing field. For example, most smart devices are already near-obsolete by the time they are released for public consumption. Digital Security tools are no exception. Signing up to be a Professional Security Guard in a field that increasingly relies on digital tools means signing up for a lifetime of continual learning and education in all things technology-related.

3. Knowing what is legal and what is not legal can be tricky.

Even with all the new digital technology that is now available and widely accessible, this doesn’t automatically mean all of it is legal to use. Security Guards have some protection via their Security Guard Insurance policy, and Security Companies can find the same by taking out a Security Company Insurance policy.

Protection in the Digital Age

Yet complying with the ever-changing digital use laws will only be more important to job Security in the years and decades to come. The professionals at El Dorado Insurance can help you determine the right policy for you. Give them a call today!

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