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7 Principles of Training You Need to Know

Most training programs for security guards cover everything from How to Patrol to Emergency Response to Legal Issues and Liability. But, if all Security Guards receive the same basic training, what sets the best apart from the rest? Is it a matter of natural abilities or is there more to it than that? Consider the skills exemplified by successful professionals:

Leadership. Leaders take a proactive approach to what they do. They are confident in their skills and abilities, participate in problem solving, volunteer to take tasks on, and engage openly and effectively with others. They are always eager to learn, are not afraid to try out new ideas, and can often be found leading the change.

Embracing Ownership & Responsibility. Those who excel at what they do, take ownership of the responsibilities entrusted to them. They quickly grasp concepts and ably develop systems to work in. There is a sense of professional urgency and attention to detail and each task is performed to the highest standard. They admit to failures and continually improve their processes.

Good Time Management. Good time management is another skill exhibited by successful people. This skill is learned early on and involves the ability to leverage time and resources, prioritize, manage multiple projects, and meet deadlines. More often than not, if they are not offered more responsibility, they will seek it out.  

Communicate Effectively. At its very basic, communication is the imparting or exchange of information. However, being able to effectively communicate is paramount. Good communicators have honed the skills of listening, observing, considering another point of view, and communicating effectively the message they intend.

Teamwork. Good teamwork is essential in all organizations. Successful people exhibit the ability to function as part of a team while maintaining their individuality. They are reliable, communicate and negotiate constructively, cooperate, exhibit flexibility, and show a commitment to the team. They understand the importance of stepping back and encourage others to lead, as well as posses the ability to lead the team forward.

Effective Response & Crisis Management. Leaders take charge in any situation, but they shine in a crisis. They are inventive problem solvers and have the ability to quickly assess a situation and respond appropriately and effectively. They can be counted on to see any issue to conclusion.

Intentional Investing. Successful people invest in themselves and others. They continually seek and take advantage of opportunities to learn and develop new skills and, in turn, freely share their knowledge and experience. They are generous and will often adopt causes to volunteer for.

Innovative companies have seen the value of investing in training programs that go beyond the basics. They have developed training programs that promote leaders and highly skilled professionals in their industry. Effective programs offer continual training, possibilities to mentor and be mentored, as well as opportunities to grow. The rewards of investing in people translates into a more professional, more dedicated workforce, ultimately building trust with both personnel and clients.

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