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The Best Digital Tools for Private Investigators

The Best Digital Tools for Private Investigators

Did you know that there are over 32,000 private investigators in the United States?

The concept of a Private investigator who gathers information on behalf of private clients is not just the topic of novels. It is a thriving industry that protects people against unsavory behavior and dishonesty.

In today’s world, how do private investigators do their work? What tools for private investigators are available?

Digital Device Cloning

Spyware may be a prime tool in the film-world. However, in real life, it is often illegal and any evidence, however strong, may not be admissible in court.

A close alternative is device cloning.

Valuable information is held on computer hard disks and other storage devices. This information may be key to the goal of the private investigator, or it may be vital evidence that should be protected from deletion.

The hard drive may include business documents. Or it may include personal communications that provide a “smoking gun” file, or strong indication of a course of action.

In many cases, a person can claim the right to cloning a hard drive if they have an ownership interest in it.

Digital Databases

More government databases are available than ever before. For the qualified person who has a right to access them, this is a rich source of information. This sensitive information is not generally available to the public.

It may contain information such as the person’s criminal record or assets owned by a person that may not be readily known.

A simple phone call or inquiry by a private investigator can request a background check on a person to find out more than meets the eye.

Of course, it is important to get it right. One private investigator tried to access database records regarding the now president of the United States. He is now facing a hefty fine. This is a reminder that PI insurance is a must for private investigators.

Layered Voice Analysis

The human voice is a clear signal of the emotional and psychological status of a person. Layered voice analysis is the key to unlocking this.

It can, with a high degree of accuracy, indicate whether a person is telling the truth or not. In some cases, stress during certain parts of a conversation may indicate guilt or anxiety about a subject.

Private investigators can use this technology to analyze conversations anywhere. Whether on the phone, in person or an audio recording. They tell more about the person than they actually wanted to say.

Fast Digital Scanning Technology

Information is key to the work of a private investigator, but they may only have a short amount of time to examine a large number of documents. In this case, they can make use of a fast document scanner.

This will take images of hundreds of pages of documents in just a few minutes. the PI can then take their time to examine them carefully later.

Advanced Google Searches

It is true that Private Investigators have many ingenious methods of researching identities. This can sometimes lead them to face-to-face encounters with persons of interest.

However, in 2019 people have a larger digital footprint than ever before. A person may have revealed personal information on the internet in the past or shared pictures on a social networking platform. It can be very difficult to remove and will likely remain there forever.

A Google search using advanced search parameters can be a very productive method of research. It is not as exciting as surveillance methods but can be just as if not more effective.

GPS Tracking

A staple of spy movies everywhere, GPS tracking devices are more common than ever before. They are often used by private investigators to track a husband or wife suspected of adultery or the misuse of company assets. These devices can be almost invisible and can be tracked over long distances.

There are basically two types of GPS devices

  1. A device that functions without sending a signal, but records car movements. The Private Investigator will remove the device and download the information later.
  2. A device that broadcasts real-time information regarding the location of the vehicle.

This second type is by far the most popular. At just a few centimeters in diameter, these hard-wearing devices can be attached magnetically to the frame of the car.

Whilst these devices have a substantial battery life, in other cases, you may need a permanent power source. Some models of GPS tracking device can be simply and easily wired to the car’s electrical system. It will remain powered as long as the car is.

The cost of broadcasting the signal is part of the purchase plan for the item. In some cases, it will only send an alert when the vehicle is traveling at high speed, such as to escape or arrive somewhere with intent. In other cases, the device will remain dormant. They will only activate when the vehicle travels to a certain location, such as a house.

Although in many states permission has to be given by the owner of the vehicle, this is often provided by the spouse or the owner of the company car.

Insurance, Advice, and Tools for Private Investigators

Tools for private investigators are only one thing that can protect them. If you are a private investigator in need of PI Insurance, you need an insurance company that does just that.

Why not follow our blog or contact us to see what we can do for you.

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