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Service of Process

Service of process is a procedure used by a court (or administrative body) to inform a person that the court has legal jurisdiction over the person and instructs the person to respond in the manner specified.

The commonly used documents include:

  • Affidavit:A sworn statement of facts made under oath. It identifies the jurisdiction and the person authorized to administer the oath.
  • Certificate of Service: A statement which provides facts relating to a service that has been made.
  • Complaint: A document that is filed with a court to begin a civil lawsuit.
  • Forcible Detainer: A document that gives notice of a lawsuit associated with evictions.
  • Injunction: A court order that commands or prevents an action.
  • Motion: A request to a court to make a specific ruling or issue an order.
  • Order: A written direction or command of a court.
  • Order to Appear/Order to Show Cause: A court order directing a person subject to the court to appear and show reason why certain relief should not be granted.
  • Restraining Order: A court order restricting a person from harassing, threatening, and sometimes merely contacting or approaching a specified person.
  • Subpoena: A document that requires a person to appear and give testimony.
  • Summons: A document that gives notice that a lawsuit has been filed.
  • Writ of Execution: A court order directing a sheriff or other officer of the court to enforce a judgment, usually by seizing a debtor’s property.

Source: Learning Shop USA, provider of online continuing education,, 706 268 2221.

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