Kinesics is the study of body language and is based on the behavioral patterns of nonverbal communication. Body language can include any non-reflexive or reflexive movement of a part or all of the body. Such movements can be particularly revealing when a person is asked a fear-provoking question. Actions speak louder than words, and it’s not what the subject says but how it is said that counts.

The psychological assumptions underlying kinesics are:

  • A person hiding the truth will experience automatic physiological changes when asked questions that threatens the person’s well-being.
  • A deceptive person will be aware of physiological changes occurring in the body and may attempt to disguise the changes.
  • The person’s fear of detection will intensify at moments when questioning focuses on details having the greatest immediate threat to the person’s well-being.

The application of kinesics to interrogating can be very helpful in differentiating between truth and deception.


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