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Private Investigator Tools to Help You Close Cases Faster

7 Modern Private Investigator Tools to Help You Close Cases Faster

Using the latest private investigator tools can make your work easier. In this post, we’ll share some exciting PI tools to use.

In the US, it’s getting harder and harder to find and convict criminals. Less than 50% of violent crimes get reported, and only half of those ever get solved.

And, murder rates are even worse. Only 1 out of 3 of those results in finding the offender. Let alone a conviction.

Maybe it’s because people don’t trust the guys in blue. Or, it could be that criminals are harder than ever to find once they flee the scene of a crime. They’ve got digital technology and new, clever ways to hide on their side.

Whatever the reason, it means the work of a PI is that much harder and more valuable. You’ll need all the private investigator tools you can get your hands on to crack the case.

Now’s the time to get an edge in the game. Here are 7 modern PI tools you need to be using right now.

7 Modern Private Investigator Tools

Don’t get me wrong, tried and true investigation methods are fine and still relevant. You need to be a solid investigator to do this job well.

But, these days, you’ll need modern methods to find modern crooks. Add some of the latest technology to the mix, and you’ll close more of those cases in record time.

Don’t stay stuck in the past with countless files littering your desk. Update your toolbox! Use these tools to help you solve cases more for your clients.

1. Layered Voice Analysis

Looking for truth serum? You won’t find it. But you can use layered voice analysis to get to the bottom of things.

This technology helps to identify psychological and emotional patterns in human speech. The data reports back about how excited or stressed the person is. You can use it to sort through fact and fiction.

On top of that, it identifies the accuracy content of the conversation. You’ll get information about how truthful the speaker is being based on the words they use.

Layered voice analysis can help you find a new angle or lead in a difficult case. It’s easy to use in person during interviews, during a phone conversation, or even on audio files.

2. GPS Tracking Systems

Install this little device onto a car and watch where the driver takes it.

It attaches right below the steering wheel in the steering column. The device reports back to you via software or an app.

It updates location data every 10 seconds. You’ll soon have a clear picture of what the suspect is up to by means of their travel patterns.

Today’s advanced GPS tracking systems provide more than location data. You can have speed data, fuel levels, and odometer readings. The onboard device comes with a 60-day battery, too.

The only caveat is that you must have permission to install it by the car’s owner. Especially, if you intend to use it as evidence in court.

3. Surveillance Drones

This is a game changer for the private investigation industry. Surveillance drones can go where people can’t and see what was otherwise unseen.

These are aerial machines that come equipped with a camera and video technology. They’re great for use in areas that aren’t monitored by other surveillance means. Use it to watch a large area of property, parking lots or even follow someone on foot.

Data from the camera shows in real-time on an app downloaded to your mobile device. It comes complete with date and time stamp signature, too. Save it on your device or transfer it to your computer.

4. Spyware

Spyware is an amazing, tricky technology.

Installed on a computer or mobile device, you can see what someone is doing online or in their email. You can look at their files and computer information. Use keystroke recording to watch online search patterns.

This little piece of digital tech can give you answers that you otherwise might not find.

The problem? It’s not legal everywhere. So, you can’t always use it as evidence in court.

5. Latest Camera Tech

This is not your big DSLR that needs extra lenses and its own case. There’s a time and place for that, but it’s not realistic for the covert jobs.

The latest camera tech includes micro cameras to use without attracting notice. Use them for snapping images of people, places, or even documents. On more expensive devices, you can record short clips of video, too.

The main limitation on these devices is storage size and battery life. So, choose the time and place to use them with care.

6. RF Signal Detector

Radio frequency has been around for a long time. RF signal detection is an older technology, though it’s sometimes forgotten by PIs. And, modern detectors find modern signals.

We are such a device driven culture, today. Modern RF signal detectors tune-in to WiFi, cellular, Bluetooth, and satellite signal. Imagine how useful that is when paired with monitoring devices and surveillance cameras.

7. Device Cloning

For more solid evidence, device cloning may be your go-to tool for grabbing computer data. You can capture mobile device data, too. Unlike spyware, it’s useful in court, too.

Device cloning is simply making a copy of the hard drive. It’s an exact copy of what is currently on the drive. That means, if anything gets deleted from that drive in the future, you’ve saved the data from that moment.

It’s a useful tool for companies and partnerships. Especially, where data and digital footprints are important. Anyone who has an owner’s interest in the data can pay for such cloning.

Close More Cases, Today!

Outsmart modern criminals with the latest technology and investigative practices. You’ve got options when it comes to modern tech for solving cases.

Today’s private investigator tools are the answer to catching clever, digitally savvy suspects. Use them to enhance your PI practice, today!

Are you looking for a reliable insurance agency for your firm? We’d love to help. Contact us, today!

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