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Alarm Service Business Ideas That Vastly Improve Customer Reach

10 Alarm Service Business Ideas That Vastly Improve Customer Reach

What’s a business without customers? Check out these 10 alarm service business ideas that are guaranteed to improve your customer reach instantly!

The security services industry in the U.S was touted to hit a $34 billion in revenues in 2019.

While these figures are impressive, it is no guarantee that every security business will make profits.

Check out these ten alarm service business ideas that are guaranteed to improve your customer reach and improve your bottom line.

1. Use Coupons

For your clients, a coupon does not only mean they get something for free. It signifies your appreciation of them as well.

One way to do this is to give a coupon for a discount upon renewal of a client’s contract with you. This will increase their chances of continuing your business relationship.

2. Manage Your Online Reputation

Have you Googled yourself lately? If your answer is no, you are doing your business a great disservice.

Today, consumers trust online reviews as much as referrals from family and friends. Before someone calls or emails you, they will have done some research on your company.

This is why it’s pertinent for you to constantly check what information is out there about you. If it’s positive, that’s great.

If it’s less than flattering, then you have some work to do to improve your reputation.

3. Focus Your Service Business Ideas Closer to Home

Your local community holds a lot of potential, more so for businesses that are just finding their footing.

Choose an initiative to support within the community. This can be anything from a feeding program to a pet adoption agency. Just make sure to pick something your firm is passionate about.

Customers are consistently looking for companies with the same values as their own. By doing this, you show your human side, help the community and win yourself some loyal customers. Everyone wins.

4. Have Enticing Referral Programs

You’re probably offering stellar security services, which is why you already have a client base, no matter how small.

How can you leverage your customers to bring in more?

Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool and there are small things you can do to encourage your customers to speak to their friends and relatives positively about you.

You can craft a referral program around this. One way you can go about it is to have referral cards.

For each client referred to you, the referrer gets a certain percentage off their next bill.

Think of it this way: how about if 20 of your clients referred three people each? This more than covers the discounts you have offered, and it leaves you with a healthy ROI as well.

5. Build Relationships

Retaining old clients is much cheaper than on-boarding new ones.

Seeking out new clients is therefore just as important as retaining the ones you already have.

To build lasting relationships, keep customer engagement high. You can do this by keeping in touch with them, having membership plans and seeking constant feedback.

For this to be effective, you have to listen to feedback and do something about it. If you do not meet customer expectations, you will shrink your customer base in no time.

6. Educate, Rather Than Sell

Yes, it sounds rather absurd because the entire premise of marketing is to sell.
But this method is highly effective.

Customers are bombarded by sales-y messages all day long. From newspapers, phones, emails, electronic media, name it.

So much so, that customers are forced to educate themselves about the products in the markets place. And by the time they contact you, they have full information including a price tag for your services.

You can use these shifts in buyer behavior to your advantage.

Here are some suggestions:
• Start a blog where you discuss best practices, DIY and other informative topics related to your service
• Seek out publications and blogs that your target customers read and request to be interviewed
• Reach out to prospects and invite them for workshops where you again share useful information on your business

This is effective because you can use it to point out a problem and showcase how you can solve it. It’s a subtle way to sell your products.

7. Invest in a Website

When a potential customer becomes aware of you or is looking for security services in their locale, the next stop is likely to be your website.

A recent study revealed that 68% of consumers shape their opinion regarding a business from the quality of its website.

A website is no longer something to consider having; it’s an absolute necessity. Develop a stunning website and one that handles well on both desktop and mobile platforms.

This will primarily be your first impression to potential customers; therefore use this space to show who you are and to showcase your authority in all matters security.

With a great website in place, the next item on your agenda is to drive traffic there.

There are several ways of getting website traffic, both paid and unpaid. Some of the most important ones include SEO, backlinking and Google Ads.

8. Leverage Strategic Partnerships

Forming partnerships with complementary businesses can increase your customer base significantly as well.

The aim here is to cross promote.

The more frequently you can do this with more established businesses, the better. You can issue each other’s card and promotional materials.

Another thing you can do is feature each other on your respective websites with guest posts and backlinks.

9. Get Peace of Mind

Insurance gives you peace of mind and reduces the anxiety of worrying about unfortunate eventualities.

Getting a cover that’s in line with your alarm installation business allows you to focus on scaling your business rather than fretting about what could go wrong.

10. Get on Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for businesses to reach their prospects and customers at an affordable cost.

Here are the top gains you can expect from a social media marketing strategy:
• Increased engagement
• Increased website traffic
• Significant improvement in brand awareness
• Improved engagement and interaction with customers

However, ensure that your social media message agrees with your website messages and that the general tone and theme remain consistent.

Protect Yourself

The above alarm service business ideas can make a significant difference in your bottom line. The best part is that you do not have to start with all of them.

Begin with what you easily manage and gradually embrace other ideas.

As you struggle to ensure your clients have sufficient security, remember that your ability to serve them is dependent on your business’s health.

At El Dorado Insurance Agency, we are passionate about protecting companies that ensure the safety of others.

Call us today for an objective evaluation of your vulnerabilities and for timely, cost-effective solutions that will ensure your hard work is protected. That is the El Dorado promise.

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