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Hiring Security Guards for Night Clubs/Bars

Hiring Security Guards for Night Clubs/Bars

Choosing the right security guards for a nightclub or bar is one of the most important decisions, beyond the decor and drink selection. Hiring staff should perform these following steps to acquire a security staff that will protect patrons as well as their business.

Publicize the Need for Security Guards

Establishments may oftentimes be forced to hire a subpar security guard due to lack of options. Instead of just relying on the popular word-of-mouth method, owners or managers should advertise for the open position on radio and TV, social media, newspaper advertisements and online job boards. After one to two weeks of active promotion, the hiring staff will have a much larger pool to pick from and a higher chance of being able to select a qualified candidate.

Background Check

After gathering applications from potential candidates, it is now time to perform the highly important background checks. Staff can obtain a background criminal check at the local police department for a small fee or even free to double check an applicant’s claims, and all educational institutions should be contacted to ensure valid credentials. Applicants with any discrepancies should be notified for clarification or rejected in blatant cases of misleading information.

The Interview Process

An extensive interview is one of the most important stages in hiring a (capable) security guard. An interview is used to obtain further information from the potential candidate and to also measure the applicant’s confidence, disposition and potential fit for the club or bar.

Following questions that can be used to find the best security guard for an establishment:

  • Do you have any past experience as a security guard, and can we contact these establishments?
  • How did you hear that we were hiring?
  • Why would you like to be a security guard at this establishment?
  • What training courses have you had, and are you willing to take some?
  • Do you anger easily? Who would be your character witnesses in this instance?
  • What would you do if you were ever presented with a fake ID and the patron refused to leave?
  • How would you handle a drunken patron who refused to leave the establishment?
  • When is it appropriate to use force?
  • How do you handle the presence of weapons in the establishment?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses that you can bring to this establishment?

It is also helpful to bring in two or three of the current security staff to ask the potential candidates questions of their own to completely determine how well they may fit.

Medical Checkup

The health of a security guard is important in this sometimes high-octane field. The selection process can be furthered narrowed down after a medical check-up that includes a urinalysis, blood pressure check, drug and alcohol screening, lungs and cardiovascular health and blood analysis.


Improperly trained or security guards who are not trained at all can unnecessarily escalate a situation. Training teaches a security guard the most effective ways to defuse emotional and dangerous situations and how to prevent the situations from occurring at all. Training also protects the security guard as well as the establishment by informing security guards of their legal boundaries during various situations. Owners can research the area for local school training courses in the surrounding areas or opt for online security guard training courses.


Orientation is important for both the security guard and their employer; no matter the experience or skill set the guard may have, it is very important to be familiar with the standards of the establishment. Inviting a current security guard to share their insight on the environment of the club helps and it allows the new guard to ask questions that the current security staff may only be able to answer. Hiring staff should consider one to three nights of shadowing to allow the new security guard to become acquainted with the process, especially if the nightclub or bar has the tendency to get rowdy.

Night clubs and bars can become untame atmospheres especially when alcohol is abound. Make sure your Security Guards and your Security Company is protected by a Security Guard Insurance policy. Call El Dorado Insurance today for your quote.

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