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[Infographic] Best Little-Known Mobile Apps for Private Investigators

Most people know about Evernote and Dropbox, which are great apps for data collection, file sharing, and syncing across multiple devices. These and other popular digital information apps, like Google Maps and Google Translate, are commonly used, but there are other useful, less common mobile apps that are great for private investigators. 

Uncommon Apps for Savvy Private Investigators

Here’s a selection of the best, little-known mobile apps for private investigators. All of the apps listed here are available as free downloads on both iOS and Android, but there are upgrades and/or additional services that you can purchase to tailor the apps to your needs.

Protecting Your Mobile Identity: Burner & Hushed

Private investigators understand the importance of protecting their personal information. Remaining anonymous and protecting your identity is especially important in this age of digital information technologies, when almost everyone uses a personal mobile device. If you need to make untraceable, obscured calls or messages, then Burner and Hushed are the right apps for the job.

These two simple and secure apps enable you to generate private, disposable communications from any iPhone, Android, or tablet. They make it easy and affordable for anyone to communicate privately, without a contract, minimum terms, or penalties (even international roaming is free). You can communicate from anywhere at any time via call, text, or other messaging media, without revealing your personal contact information. Hushed lets you start with one number, and additional numbers are available as a paid upgrade. Burner has unlimited numbers for calling, texting, and picture messaging.

Reverse Phone Lookup: WhitePages,  Phone Sleuth, Reverse Genie, & Caller ID

Private investigators know that uncovering mobile identities can be a painful and time consuming process. There can be many issues with finding out someone’s mobile identity. The most-used app for reverse phone lookup is WhitePages, but any of these apps make uncovering the identity and discovering the location of any phone number quick and easy. Private investigators can run reverse phone lookups for billions of landline and cellphone numbers, so if you don’t have success with one particular app, any of these other apps could contain the information you seek.

Sending Self-Destructing Communications: Wickr

Have you ever needed to send a self-destructing message to a potential target or client? Well, Wickr enables you to send secure, self-destructing texts, photos, videos, files, and other messages from any mobile device. All Wickr communications are encrypted locally on each device, with the ability to sync messages across multiple devices. Each new key will be generated for each message, and all the correspondence and data transmitted will be wiped by Wickr, which means that no one other than Wickr users can decipher their content. This app is not only available for iOS and Android, but is available as a desktop download for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Using Cutting-Edge Computer-Generated Sensory Inputs in Real Time: Layar

Available on Android, iOS, and Blackberry, the Layar app is the world’s most used augmented reality app. Combining the accelerometer, GPS, compass, and camera/lens of your mobile device, Layar is a multifaceted app that allows you to bridge the digital and physical components of our world. You can use your phone to observe, gather, report, and share a vast array of geolocated, real-time data from anywhere. Basically, you can use your mobile device to check out your surroundings both physically and digitally, all while you’re on the go.

Making the Most of Mobile Apps is Easy with Advice from El Dorado’s Private Investigator Insurance Experts

In the age of digital information technology, communicating while on the go is a must for any private investigator. Mobile devices have made conducting investigations, background checks, and surveillance much easier, but they have also increased the liabilities associated with investigative work. Due to the amount of legislation and litigation stemming from a greater public focus on the issues of privacy, profiling, and civil liberties, private investigators today need more protection than ever. They need private investigator insurance to cover their legal bases and keep their business safe.

The specialists at El Dorado Insurance Agency, Inc. are here to help private investigators throughout our great nation conduct their business safely and securely.

[Infographic] Best Little-Known Mobile Apps for Private Investigators

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