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7 Gadgets for Private Investigators Even James Bond Would Envy

Anyone who has seen “The Man from Uncle,” “Mission Impossible” or a James Bond movie understands the attraction and the sophistication of the gadgets that each of the pretend organizations in these films utilized. Fortunately, the future has caught up with the past. Many of those pretend gadgets – and many cooler ones! – now actually exist. Here are just a few of our favorites:

Hi-Res Bullet Camera. These hi-tech cameras are perfect for special operations work and can power most pocket digital video recorders. With one button usage, it is a cinch to turn the camera on and off without drawing undue attention. Private investigators are well advised to avail themselves of this valuable item.

Reverse Peephole Viewer. While this device is most often used by property owners, bail bondsmen and law enforcement officers to help them before entry into an unknown environment, they can also be used by investigators for safety reasons. The device is compact, easy to use and can even be connected to a digital camera.

GPS Tracker. Ideal for tracking vehicles of any type, these trackers can be continuously monitored or set up to report a location at predetermined times. They are quite compact (and thus easily hidden) and have a battery life of a month or more so they only need to be replaced occasionally. All in all, an excellent way to keep track of a target.

Baseball Cap Camera. This ingenious little device has a completely self-contained camera unit. A high-grade CCD will monitor and record everything that the user sees. In addition, the lens is the size of a pinhole and is essentially undetectable without a magnifying glass.

Pen Audio Recorder. Automatically record everything that’s said during a conversation while appearing to only be playing with your pen or taking notes. The device is activated with a simple push of the clip – down for on and up for off. It is also great for recording your thoughts about a case or target.

Reverse View Sunglasses. This nifty little item is designed for surreptitious tracking of an individual. You no longer need to follow a suspect but can stay ahead of them and still view their movements. In other words, stay invisible by hiding in plain sight.

Face Reading Software. An excellent addition to any Private Investigator’s arsenal is this remarkable piece of software. The software analyzes six basic facial expressions. While it cannot identify a particular person, it can tell you how they react to certain stimuli. Use it to gain an understanding of a target by analyzing their reactions to various questions.

As technology evolves and becomes more sophisticated, there will always be an array of tools for private investigators to choose from. For information on Private Investigator Insurance, please contact us at El Dorado Insurance. We can be found at or reached directly at 800.221.3386.


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