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Become a Private Investigator: More Millennials Making the Career Choice

The millennial generation has been spawning news headlines almost since birth. They are unlike any preceding generation, as the Washington Post reports. Millennials have more education, social savvy, money and free will than all other generations combined.

A recent New England Public Radio broadcast highlights millennials’ insistence on creating careers chock full of challenge, flexibility, continuing education and technology. Here, it just makes sense that increasing numbers of millennial are choosing to become a Private Investigator.

What Millennials Have to Add to the PI Field

Millennials, adults ages 19 to 36, are amongst the first generation to not know what life is like without smart devices, according to Forbes. This is true for younger millennials in particular, since the internet debuted in 1993.

This also makes technology one of the biggest career assets a millennial can bring to the table in a PI career. Unlike prior generations, who can exhibit a range of reactions from reluctance to outright fear when confronted with the new wave of PI technology tools, millennials love it. They love the gadgets, the gizmos, the gear. They love the interconnectivity of it all – where social media and gumshoe sleuthing go hand-in-hand on a daily basis

Millennials and James Bond

Technology is not the only aspect millennials love about the field of Private Investigation. They also love the “James Bond”-esque feel of a career in a field that particularly prizes self-starting, independent, self-motivated, intelligent, creative, ambitious and socially conscious entrepreneurs.

The average millennial craves a flexible career with daily challenges that will take them up and out of the office and away from a desk and a cubicle and a life where every workday is the same as the day before it. Even more pertinently, millennials appear to love the rapidity with which they can get up and running in the PI field.

Most millennials have already completed the requisite four years of college, and some have more advanced degrees as well. The last thing these go-getter young professionals want to encounter when they launch out of college and into their career at last is a lengthy training program. They want to get going. They want to put the skills they’ve already mastered to work with a minimum of additional wait time. They are comfortable with the temporary chaos that on-the-job learning can create.

In addition, because millennials are so comfortable using and even improving upon technology while learning as they go, there tends to be less chaos and more results right from day one. Having Private Investigator Insurance can also act as a safety net and ensure that you are provided with the strategic backup and safeguards needed.

What the Future Forecasts for Millennial Private Investigators

The Art of Manliness cites career independence and self-management as key assets of choosing a career to become a Private Investigator. These traits along with plenty of room for career growth and advancement are right at the top of millennials’ career wish lists today. As GovExec points out, millennial professionals expect their career loyalty to be earned with a steady stream of meaningful work, personal growth, professional development, independence, entrepreneurship, creative collaboration, invention and coaching (not management).

With innovation and entrepreneurship set firmly in their sights, it is easy to forecast that more millennial professionals who are hungry for socially conscious, impactful work full of daily challenges and opportunities will continue to gravitate towards careers in the Private Investigator field.

Importance of Coverage

With their innate technological savvy, keen desire to put two and two together, entrepreneurial spirits and a little strategic backup from Private Investigator Liability Insurance, millennials are likely to be highly successful in the PI field. Contact El Dorado Insurance to get all the information you need on how to protect yourself and your career as a Private Investigator.

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