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Inadequate Security Results in Gang Shooting

Elmer Meraz went to a bar with his cousin and other friends. While at the bar, Meraz’s cousin started arguing with another patron, Santiago Lopez. Lopez was a known troublemaker and regular customer at the bar and had been regularly

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Guide for Users of Home Alarm Systems

• Have the alarm installed by a licensed company. • Have the alarm company provide you with an orientation and training. • Select dual technology sensors when possible. • Make sure all motion detectors have a second sensor on the

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False Info on Background Report

Susan Moreland applied to lease an apartment. The landlord was under contract with SafeRent to conduct criminal and financial background checks for applicants who wanted to lease an apartment. When the landlord received the report on Moreland from SafeRent, the

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Race and Gender Complaint

Heatherlee Finn was employed by a security company, and her duties included hiring and placing security guards at clients’ locations. Finn, who was not a security guard, filed an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) complaint against the company, alleging violation

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Alarm Company Liability

As stated elsewhere in this newsletter, an alarm company was sued for faulty installation of a home alarm system. The following case indicates a continuing rise in lawsuits filed against alarm companies. ADT was judged at fault for not having

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Chain of Custody

Physical evidence that is received, recovered, discovered or collected in any manner by an investigator must be marked for identification without delay. The purpose of identification is to prove at a later date, such as during a trial, that the

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$4.8 Million Awarded to Family of Murdered Woman

Facts: Lidia Giangrandi lived in a gated community that was protected by guards employed by a security services company that was obligated by contract to provide a patrolling guard. An intruder broke into Giangrandi’s home and killed her. The murderer

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