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Best 5 Alarm Apps for Home Security

Mobile apps represent the latest technological advancement in home security systems and until this innovation, most people set their alarms and hoped for the best. Today, you can arm and disarm your home security system using your phone.

Although the mobile technology is always changing, most of the currently available apps are compatible with iPhones, Android smartphones, Blackberry devices, and several other web-enabled devices. In this article, we feature the best alarm apps for home security for both basic controls and complete home automation.

The top five alarm apps for home security are:

1. Vivint Sky App

To use this app and have access to a variety of home automation functions, you need a customer account with Vivint. Setting your lights to brighten when you pull into your driveway, controlling your thermostat while you are at work, and unlocking your front door for whoever needs to enter your house even when you are not nearby are a few of the perks this app offers. This app can also;

  • Lock and unlock your doors.
  • Control lighting and small appliances in your home.
  • Enable the viewing of live videos of your home.
  • Program and pre-set your thermostat.
  • Provide a review of your home security alert history.
  • Remotely arm or disarm your home security.
  • Monitor or set custom notifications and alerts.
  • Add or remove users.


  • Convenience: You can use the Vivint Sky app to keep your home under control from basically anywhere.
  • Ease of use: This app is remarkably user-friendly, and you can quickly learn how to use it.
  • Customizable: You can program and pre-set settings so that your home security system is armed to lock your doors at certain times, to unlock your home doors when a fire alarm goes off, and once you lock your front door.
  • It is free: You will not have to pay any extra money for this app.


  • Must have a customer account to use: Unlike the standard downloadable and programmable apps that work with a multitude of home security systems, you have to be a Vivint client to access and use this particular app.
  • Available for all devices except for Blackberry: This app is available for Android, Windows, and Apple devices but is, unfortunately, unavailable for Blackberry devices.

2. Frontpoint mobile app

For years now, Frontpoint has been at the forefront of technological advancement, and so it is no surprise that they came up with a home security mobile app that is compatible with Android, Apple, Windows, and Blackberry devices, offering access to most users. The Frontpoint app allows you to;

  • Arm and disarm your system.
  • Receive instant push notifications, texts, or emails for selected alerts.
  • View recorded or streaming video footages.
  • Control your home’s locks, lights, and thermostats.


  • Convenience: You will be able to connect to your home security system as long as you have a cellular or Wi-Fi connection.
  • Ease of use: This app features large icons and related topics that mainly make programming and controlling your home security systems easy.
  • Free to use: You will not have to pay extra to download and use this application.
  • Compatibility: This app is compatible with Android, Windows, Apple, and Blackberry devices.


  • Does not work with all plans: Depending on your home security system and plan, you may not be able to use this app.
  • You must be registered: To use this application, you must have a Frontpoint system and be a Frontpoint client.

3. XFINITY® Home app

In addition to the internet, cable, and phone services, Comcast also offers home security services and applications. Some of the conveniences provided by the XFINITY® Home app include;

  • The ability to remotely access your system to either view the history or change the status.
  • The ability to quickly arm or disarm your home security system.
  • Viewing of live video clips of key events.
  • Receiving automatic alerts to your computer or phone.
  • The possibility of scheduling climate control and lighting to help you save on energy consumption.


  • Home automation: Allows the adjustment of your lights, thermostat, or door locks using your phone.
  • Peace of mind: The video monitoring services enable a prompt check-in, which offers real-time knowledge of what is happening in your home plus a better sense of security.


  • Must be a registered client: To use this app, it is a must to have either XFINITY premier or XFINITY home’s preferred plan.
  • Not compatible with all devices: The XFINITY home app is only compatible with Apple and Android devices.
  • Contingent on service plan: The purchase of particular services is a necessity to access all the functions offered by this app.

4. Protection 1 Home Security app

Protection 1 provides four different home security applications, eSmartSecurity, an app, eSecure 1.0, and eSecure 2.0, making it possible for more clients to access the latest technological advancements in home security. Some of the functionalities offered are:

  • The ability to remote arm or disarm your home security systems.
  • Real-time email and text alert
  • Live video monitoring
  • Home automation of your thermostat and lights to save on energy consumption.
  • Off-limits area alerts such as liquor, medicine, and gun cabinets.


  • Customizable: Offers the ability to set up alerts for when someone is somewhere they should not be such as an alert notification to let you know when someone is too close to your gun cabinet.
  • Multiple apps: Allows clients to find an application that works best with their devices and home security systems.
  • Home automation: Allows the control of lights and thermostats from afar.
  • Account flexibility: You do not have to be a registered client to access and use the app.


  • Some of the apps require registration: You must have a registered remote service account to use three among the four apps.
  • Compatibility: Unfortunately these apps only work with Android and Apple devices.

5. SMART Connection app

The SMART Connection app is the most advanced app offered by Protect America, and it provides its user with functionalities such as;

  • Remote arm or disarm capabilities.
  • Remote locking or unlocking of your door.
  • Live video streams.
  • Light and temperature controls to effectively manage your energy consumptions.
  • Customizable alert settings
  • The ability to receive email or text notifications on detection of signals.


  • Home automation: This app offers the ability to control lights, temperature, and more in your home.
  • Live Video Streaming: This allows users to check in on whatever is happening inside and outside the home.
  • Free with service: The app itself is free although you must have a cellular monitoring plan.


  • Must be a registered client: This app is only for clients of the Protect America Company.
  • Not compatible with all plans or devices: To use this app, you must have an Apple or Android device and particular service plans.


You should determine your needs when it concerns home security system apps. For instance, you will probably need to disarm or arm as well as have the video feature if you have children who usually walk home from school.

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